How to Make Yourself Pee: 10 Easiest and Fastest Methods to Trigger Your Body to Pee

How to Make Yourself Pee: 10 Easiest and Fastest Methods to Trigger Your Body to Pee
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SHARE - Having trouble peeing can be frustrating and uncomfortable as not being able to poop. The condition when someone can't pee is called urinary retention. For people with urinary retention, they have to force themselves to pee.

In a normal condition, a healthy person should not need to force urination. You have to remember that forcing to pee is only allowed for those with certain medical conditions or when doctors ask you to give urine for analysis at a check-up. 

Urine contains waste products that can be dangerous to your body if you “hold it in.” If you have problems with urination, the best person to ask is a medical health professional.

Now, what are the best ways on how to make yourself pee when you've got your doctor's approval? In this article, we have listed down some methods on how to make yourself pee in some easiest and fastest ways.

How to Make Yourself Pee Now

How to Make Yourself Pee Now
How to Make Yourself Pee - Photo by lhennen dari Pixabay

There are several ways that you can do to force yourself to pee. These techniques may not work for everyone, you'll need to try several methods to find which ways work best for you.

1. Hold Hand in Warm Water

Place your hand in warm water can trigger the demand to pee. Fill your bowl with warm water and soak your hand into it. Hold them until you get the urge to pee. If you have a sink, run warm water from the tap over your hand

2. Drinking Water

Drinking a lot of water is probably the fastest and easiest way when you want to trigger the body to urinate. You may drink several sips before trying to pee.

Don't drink caffeinated beverages and alcohol because these can cause you dehydrated.

How to Make Yourself Pee Instantly

How to Make Yourself Pee - Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If the above methods do not work for you, try the following ways to force yourself to pee.

3. Running Water

The sounds of running water are believed to trigger the body to urinate. If you have trouble urinating, turn on the bathroom sink or flush the toilet. Close your eyes when sitting on the toilet, try to relax, and focus on the sound of the water.

4. Exercise

Physical activity can stimulate the bladder. You may be doing simple exercises like doing jumping jacks or walking. These can trigger your body to urinate. Try a little walk in your room until you feel you have to pee.

How to Make Yourself Pee Immediately

How to Make Yourself Pee Immediately
How to Make Yourself Pee - Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

When you still have trouble in urination after attempting the previous techniques, try some methods recommended by The National Institutes of Health below.

5. Tap Area Between Navel and Public Bone

When you already sit on the toilet but still have no urge to pee, you can tap the area between your belly button and the public bone. Gently tap the skin near the bladder with your fingertips. Do this every 30 seconds.

6. Try Valsava Exercise

Valsalva maneuver is a method involving your forearm presses your lower abdomen. You can sit on the toilet and bear beneath or pushing down as if you try to have a bowel movement. Avoid press directly on the bladder because it can make urine back to the kidneys and cause infection.

7. Massage the Thigh or Genital Area

Rubbing your inner thigh or genital area while you are sitting in the toilet can trigger you to pee. Gently massage the inside of your legs with hands or fingers and relax when doing it.

How to Make Yourself Pee for a Drug Test

How to Make Yourself Pee for a Drug Test
How to Make Yourself Pee - Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

If you need to pee for a drug test, you may need to make yourself urinate. Consumptions of food or some physical treatment can be used to encourage urination. You may try the following ways on how to make yourself pee.

8. Try Certain Foods

Particular foods have diuretic properties that can promote the formation of urine in the kidneys. A variety of fruits as diuretics include citrus fruits, especially lemon and watermelon. You can also try some fruit derivatives like cranberry juice or add apple cider vinegar as your salad dressings.

9. Bend or Lean Forward

Your bladder will get stimulated to pee when you bend or lean forward. Sit on the toilet and relax. When you feel a mild stimulation to pee, keep bend forward and give additional force.

10. Use Relaxation Technique

Basic relaxation techniques can encourage urination. Keep yourself relax with your eyes closed, then start to inhale and exhale with a deep breath. You may find your brain stimulates the bladder to pee without any physical force.


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