How to Measure Hat Size: Easy Steps to Measure a Variety of Hats

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Aug 27, 2020 06:00 PM

A long time ago, hats are worn as protection. In human history, hats were a big leaf or a piece of leather. The first image of a person with a hat is in a painting in Thebes Tomb.

Now, hats are more than that. It can be a protection, a character of someone, and a style. Many people wear a hat to complete their fashion. Also, it can be a symbol of a particular thing, like a baseball hat, cowboy hat, and many more.

To buy a hat, people usually go to a store and directly fit the hat with their head, but some also love to buy it online. It will be useless if you buy a hat with the wrong size. So, keep reading because we will tell you how to measure hat size!

How to Measure for Hat Size

Method 1. Know your head circumstance by using a sewing measuring tape. But you can also use a string. Round the tape above your ear and eyebrows.

Then, place your finger under the tape to give a little space. That's how to get your head circumstance. Use centimeters to record your measurement for the most accuracy.

If you use a string to measure it, match it to a measuring tape. 

Method 2. Find the right size of your hat on the provided hat chart. There are many companies that provide different sizing charts for each hat.

You can use the charts below to determine which hat size to go with. It's a universal matrics system that is useful for both women and men. It's from Sungrubbies.

So, the first thing on how to measure hat size is knowing your head circumstance. Then, choose the right size on the charts we provide below. 

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How to Measure Cowboy Hat Size

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As we know that there are different hat sizes, hat styles, and even hairstyles for cowboy hats. It makes it confusing to choose the right hat.

Don't worry, we have a chart that you can use to determine your hat's size when you are buying a cowboy hat online. But, you need to know your head size first as the first step on how to measure hat size. 

Measuring your head is the first thing on how to measure hat size to get the proper fitting. Measure your head with a tape measure.

Using a metal tape measure is not recommended. Then, you need to measure the widest part of your head. You can do it by placing the tape above your ears and eyebrows.

Just give a 1/8th inch to create a space. Lastly, write down your measurement and use the chart below to help you decide the right size. Now, you find another answer on how to measure hat size, especially cowboy hats!

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How to Measure Baseball Hat Size

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How to measure hat size for baseball hat or cap? The first step is just the same as measuring cowboy hats. You need to know the measurement of your head's circumstance.

Circle a tape measure and place it above your ears and eyebrows. Then, see the charts and use one that you need and make it easier for you to decide the right fitting. 

Adjustable cap size:

  • S/M : 6 1/2 - 7 1/4
  • L/XL : 7-8

Pro stretch cap size:

  • Small: 6 1/2 - 6 3/4
  • Medium: 6 7/8 - 7 1/8 
  • Large: 7 1/4 - 7 1/2 
  • X-Large: 7 5/8 - 7 7/8

How to Measure a Riding Hat Size

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Want to buy a riding hat but you are not sure about the size? Follow these easy steps on how to measure hat size for riding hats! 

STEP 1. You need to measure your head, but before measuring, remove all clips or slides and do your hair with the style that you want when you wear the hat. It's because headband, clips, or a ponytail can change the size of your hat. Also, if you wear glasses when riding, put them on when you are fitting.

STEP 2. Use a tape measure to know your head's circumstance. Place it one finger's width above your eyebrows. It's important to keep the tape stays flat for accurate measurement. Round the tape around your head to get the widest part of your head.

This is the most important thing on how to measure hat size for all hats, including riding hats. Write down your measurement in inches or centimeters. Use this as your guideline. 

STEP 3. The hat must be fit and firm. If it's too tight, it will cause discomfort or even a headache when you are riding. If it's loose, it can move while you are riding and reduce the protection.

For the best fitting, shake your head. If there's no motion, it means that the hat fits your head. To know that the hat fits your head is you will feel a suction when you lift off the hat, like your eyebrows or skin under the hat.


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