How to Measure TV Size: Find the Perfect TV for You!

May 22, 2020 10:32 PM

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SHARE - Measuring TV is sometimes essential to know whether you can watch your favorite tv show or a sports show on your TV. It’s actually quite simple and doesn’t take much time, with tools that are really easy to find in your house as well.

You also probably want to measure a whole TV size so it can fit into your room or on your table. As TV is not something you often buy, you should be sure about what size you want first! If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to measure TV size, then you are in the right place!

In this article, Tripboba will give you a guide on how to measure TV size. Not only you will get the tutorial of how to measure TV size of the screen, but also the TV as a whole with its frame or bezel. This will give you the exact idea of how big of a TV that you should get. Scroll down to find out more!

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You must have heard the phrases “This TV is *insert a number* inches!”. It’s often used as the ultimate promotion material for TV brands, as the bigger the TV is, the cooler it looks. So, what does it mean when someone says that a TV screen is certain inches?

Well, it’s the diagonal length measured from one corner to the opposite corner of the surface of the screen. If you have a TV in your house and want to know what size it is, you can practice on it as well!

The tools you need are only measuring tape, pen, and notes as well if you want to write down the number. If you have all the tools with you, here’s how you measure it!

Step 1. Place the measuring tape in one bottom corner of the TV.

Step 2. Be sure to start measuring from the corner of the screen itself, not the frame or the bezel.

Step 3. Stretch out your measuring tape to the opposite corner of the TV. If you’re starting from the bottom left corner, you should stretch the measuring tape to the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4. Write down the length of the screen size you just measured.

Measuring the TV size with the frame or the bezel is also important if you want to place the TV somewhere that requires the exact length and width of a TV. Get ready with your measuring tape and here’s how to measure TV size if you want to know the entire size!

Step 1. Place the measuring tape starting on the bottom part of the tv, left or right. Because you’re measuring the entire size, make sure that you’re measuring the bezel instead of the TV screen.

Step 2. Extend your measuring tape straight to the other bottom part of the tv. If you’re starting from the left, then extend the measuring tape to the right. Write down the number.

Step 3. Now, starting from the same spot as before, measure the length upwards. So, if you’re starting from the bottom left, then extend the measuring tape to the upper left of the TV with the bezel included.

Step 4. Write down the measurement. Now, you have the length and width of your TV! You’ll be able to shop for other TVs or make a fabric cover for it.

After you know how to measure TV size, now we move to a serious section. Psst, when an ad tells you about the screen size of a TV, is it really the exact size of the screen? Well, not really.

In this case, the term “class” TV is used. When someone says that a TV is referred to as 50-inch class tv, it means that the actual screen size is not 55 inches. This is because the screen needs a frame or bezel to cover a small portion of the panel to secure it.

For example, the advertised diagonal screen size may tell you that a TV is 40 inches, but the actual diagonal screen size is only 39.9 inches. The difference between the advertisement and the actual screen is not far, actually. It generally ranges from 0.1 inches to 0.5 inches.

So, that’s all about how to measure TV size! We hope this will help you to measure your TV size or the place where you want to set your TV, so you will get a matching TV. Good luck!


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