How to Moonwalk: A Simple Tutorial for Beginners!

How to Moonwalk: A Simple Tutorial for Beginners!
Michael Jackson - Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage
SHARE - The world was astounded when Michael Jackson debuted his iconic "moonwalk" in 1983. It is one of his signatures that moves forever. You can pull off this illusion also with just a little knowledge on how to moonwalk and practice! 

The moonwalk dance move is one of the coolest moves you will master in hip hop. But, given the fact that it seems too easy, the implementation is very difficult. Follow these steps on how to moonwalk and be a master.

1. How to Do the Moonwalk Dance

Before you learn the step-by-step guide on how to moonwalk, make sure you have all the things below:

- A slick floor

- Black pants

- White socks

- Black loafers

- Years of dance training (optional)

2. Tips on how to moonwalk

Photo by Forbes

Tips 1. Put a pair of socks on. While you can go moonwalking in something, including hiking boots, as a beginner you should have as little traction as you can.

Wearing socks can make it much easier for you to learn how to moonwalk and float across the floor. You can also master the move with sneakers when you are a pro! That, at first, may seem unlikely.

Tips 2. You need to find a smooth surface. Smoothness is important once again. While you can do it everywhere, it helps to be on a clean, flat, non-stick surface, such as a hardwood floor or a ceramic-tiled flooring. For example, most dance floors will work but most kitchen floors will work like that. 

Keep away from irregular or rugged floors or carpeted fields. If you have no smooth surfaces in your house, using shoes on a rough surface is better than socks. You'll even be able to practice on a carpet when you're an expert on how to moonwalk.

3. Make your first move on how to moonwalk

Step 1: Place one foot straight in front of the other, then balance on the back leg feet. Then raise your right leg and put the right foot toes facing the surface, approximately one foot behind your left leg.  

Keep your arms at your sides, you can later worry about them. Place the left foot flat on the floor.

Step 2: Keep your balance. This can be achieved by increasing the distance between the legs and feet until you feel comfortable. A strong thumb rule is to split them between 3-6 inches (one of your feet's width).

You should do the moonwalk with your legs closer together because you get more confident with this step. If it lets you keep your balance when you step backward, you can raise your arms a little.

Step 3: Slide back the left foot, then "into" the table. Do that when lying back on your right leg so that your left footfalls behind your right knee.

The heel of your right foot should remain in the air during this, with the toes pointing down on the floor. Bring all the weight into the raised hip, and it feels weightless on the flat hip on the concrete.

Ste 4: Snap your left foot's heel off the floor while dropping your right foot's heel down at the same time. Now you are in the same position with which you started, only your feet changed position.  

Now your right foot will be in front of your left leg, rather than the other way around. To do the perfect moonwalk, at any given moment, only one of the feet should be in the air. Just one; never two, never zero.

Step 5: Follow the previous two moves, changing the left and right foot positions. You should really practice the moonwalk by perfecting these motions over and again until it seems like you're still walking on the moon and when your steps are really going effortlessly back and forth, without any kinks.

Step 6: Add the frills. Add a head gesture to help create the "moonwalking" effect. When you slip your leg back, push your head forward as if set in motion. Then bring it back on your body when you move to the other foot.

Like Michael Jackson, you can also swing your arms with every move, or hunch over your head, and catch your hat (if you are wearing one). You should use your whole body to prove you are walking on the moon, and not just your feet.


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