How to Ollie: An Easy Guide for Beginner

How to Ollie: An Easy Guide for Beginner
Skateboarding - Photo by Jan VaĊĦek from Pixabay
SHARE - Do you enjoy doing skateboarding activities and you want to know more about it? This is the right time to learn new tricks on skateboarding and also discovering how to ollie. Tripboba will show you the steps on how to ollie for beginner, not only for skateboarding but also for ollie in snowboard and fingerboard. If you want to know more about how to ollie, keep reading this article until the very end!

Ollie is a trick on skateboarding where the person doing the trick and also the board leaps in the air without the help of the rider's hands. The trick was invented by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand in the late 1970s. Ollie is a basic trick you should master if you want to do skateboarding. Once you mastered the trick on how to ollie, you will be easily nailing the more complicated tricks. Ollie allows the riders to jump onto curbs, pass the obstacles, and many more.

To be able to do the ollie trick in skateboarding, a person needs the average of a couple of weeks to 6 months to learn ollie. It depends on how long the rider practice every day. Some people practice 3 hours a day, also there is a person who practices only an hour per day. To make yourself easy in mastering how to ollie, be sure to know the basic things in skateboarding first.

Here are the techniques on how to ollie in skateboarding, easy tricks you should know as a beginner.

1. How to Do an Ollie?

Skateboarding - Photo by Ana Krach from Pixabay

To be succeeded "flying" in the air with your board, you need to follow these steps on how to ollie in skateboarding.

Step 1. First thing first, you need to practice the right moves. Choose a place that has a soft surface, for example, a place that is covered by grass. The soft surface will protect yourself not to get too hurt if you fall off your board.

Step 2. Place yourself on the board. Put the front food near the middle of the board. It will help you to balance while you are moving with the board.

Step 3. Now, place your back foot on the tail of the skateboard. You will be using the back foot to navigate to where you will be headed to.

Step 4. Practice lifting the front part of the skateboard by pushing down the tail using your back foot.

Step 5. After you get used to lifting the front part of the skateboard, now you need to slide your front foot to the length of the skateboard. Note that the sole of your shoe should not touch the skateboard when you slide your foot to the front.

Step 6. Now, as you have known the basic move, you can practice the ollie move. Stand on the board and bend your knees. Try to make your body weight lean to the back of the skateboard. It will help the skateboard lifted to the air. 

Step 7. Jump into the air by pushing the back foot and slides the front foot to the front of the skateboard.

Step 8. When you are about to jump into the air, kick the back of the skateboard.

Step 9. You also can slide your front foot slightly as soon as you start jumping into the air. 

Step 10. Pull your knee to your chest to help you level up the ollie move. 

Step 11. Lastly, you need to straighten up your legs before landing with your skateboard.

2. How to Ollie on a Finger Board?

Finger board - Photo by Megiston from Pixabay

Not only the actual skateboarding activity but also the finger version of it become so popular. If you are now learning the finger board's move, you also need to master this fundamental trick. These are the steps on how to ollie on a fingerboard.

Step 1. Firstly, place your index finger on the front of the board. You need to place the index finger behind the front screws.

Step 2. Place the middle finger behind the board's logo.

Step 3. Now, place the ring finger on the very back of the board.

Step 4. Lift the front part of the board by smacking down the tail of the board. In this stage, try to move the board forward and leaping into the air.

Step 5. Lastly, you can land the board. Yay, you have just do an ollie move! Keep practice to smooth up the move.

3. How to Ollie Snowboard?

Snowboarding - Photo by HowAl from Pixabay

Snowboard is a famous winter sport. If you want to level up the challenge, you can try to do the ollie trick on the snowboard. Here are the easy steps you can follow for an amazing snowboard experience.

Step 1. Move your board in the speed that you are comfortable with. Make sure that you spread out your weight evenly on the board.

Step 2. Start with crouching down and bending both of your knees. You need to lower your hands until it nearly touching the ground.

Step 3. Push down the back of the board using the back foot and leap on the air. Make sure to pull your front foot, so the board can be lifted.

Step 4. When the board is already in the air, pull your back foot to level up the board. Try to relax and enjoy the flying sensation with your board!

Step 5. Prepare yourself for the smooth landing. Try to land on the back foot first, but if you want to land on both feet, you can do that too for better landing experience. Right before you touch the ground, extend your legs so you will have a smooth landing on the ground.


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