How to Open a Locked Door: A Helpful Tutorial to Lock Picking Techniques

How to Open a Locked Door: A Helpful Tutorial to Lock Picking Techniques
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SHARE - Door locks that are highly secured surely provide security and peace of mind. But sometimes they don’t work the way they should and instead make the doors totally shut. This could be quite unbearable and stressful. If you are wondering how to open a locked door, then look no more since this article will help you to get your door unlocked.

1. How to open a locked door with a bump key

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The first method you can try is to bump open your tumbler lock. This is considered as a quick, simple lock picking technique that is useful if you want to open a door that has been closed for a long time, say, of an unused home.

First, you need to get a bump key. A bump key is a key that will fit the lock you want to bump but doesn't unlock it per se. Any key that fits the lock can be turned into a bump key by filing every cut down to the lowest acceptable depth.

Second, it may be difficult to get a bump key because reputable locksmiths won't make one for you so easily. But you can buy it online or make the key on your own (metalworking tools are needed).

Thirds, fit the bump key into the lock up to the last pin. Every soft click you feel as you push a key into a lock is a pin being lifted by a tooth of the lock and then dropping onto the cut below it. Push your bump key in until there's one pin left that hasn't been lifted. Lastly, slam and turn the bump key. You have to be really patient with this technique, though.

2. How to open a locked door without a key using a pick set

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The next method you can try on how to open a locked door is by making use of the pick set. Picking a lock with a tension pick set is usually done by professional locksmiths. But, you can always pick your door this way by making your own tools. 

For weak locks, a pair of paper clips should work; tougher locks might require bobby pins, wire clippers, and a pair of pliers. The key is to use metal firm enough for your pick and your tension wrench, the two components of the tool.

First, insert the tension wrench. Press it in along the bottom of the lock, and apply constant tension on it the whole time as you work with your pick. You should follow the procedure precisely, otherwise, it’ll take longer and you may have to start again.

Second, insert the pick above the wrench. Use the leg of the pick to find and push each pin up and out of the tumbler. The lock will open once all pins have been moved.

3. How to open a locked door with a hex wrench

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Nowadays, interior locking doors are made using a special type of doorknob that allows the door to be opened in the event of it being accidentally locked. The handle is characterized by a small, round hole in the center.

To open a locked door using a hex wrench, first, you have to prepare a set of hexagonal “hex” wrenches. Also known as Allen wrenches, it is the small, L-shaped pieces of metal that come in an array of widths both metric and imperial.

Second, fit the long end of a hex wrench into the hole on the door handle. Finally, turn the wrench to open the door.

4. How to open a locked door with a credit card

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Do you know that you can use your credit card or gift card to open your locked door? This method works especially in simpler and older locks. Bear in mind that it can damage your card. So you should be mindful before choosing the card you’re going to use.

First, put the credit card into the side of the door. Slide the long end of a credit card in between the door frame and the locking side of the door, just above where the lock enters the frame. After that, slowly but firmly pull the card towards you while turning the handle. 

There are still some other useful methods on how to open a locked door. But, you should absolutely give a try to our recommended techniques above. The key is practice and patience. Hope it works for you!


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