How to Pick a Lock: 4 Easiest Techniques to Pick a Look

How to Pick a Lock: 4 Easiest Techniques to Pick a Look
How to Pick a Lock - Photo by Nenad Maric from Pixabay
SHARE - Have you ever lose your key and getting locked out of the house? It can be frustrating. Instead of calling the lock picker and you may not have time to wait for them, you can pick the lock by yourself. It's good to know the techniques on how to pick a lock to help you in case you face an emergency.

On this page, Tripboba has compiled several techniques for how to pick a lock easily. Keep scrolling!

How to Pick a Door Lock

How to Pick a Lock - Photo by MasterTux from Pixabay

The technique to pick a door lock is not easy since you have to develop a "feel" for it. Though each lock is different, the basic technique is the same. Here we would like to give you tutorials for how to pick a lock using the easiest way called scrubbing. Here we go:

Step 1. Prepare a tension wrench and insert it into the bottom of the keyhole.  The tension wrench is important since it helps the driver pin past the shear line and make the plug rotate. Make a slight pressure in the direction where you would turn the key. Avoid too much pressure.
Step 2. Insert pick or other items straight into at the top of the lock.
Step 3. Apply slight pressure on your tension wrench, then scrub inside of the plug using your pick.
Step 4. Repeat applying pressure and scrubbing the pins until they are set.

How to Pick a Lock with a Bobby Pin

Another alternative for how to pick a lock is using 2 bobby pins. Here's the way to picklock with a bobby pin:

Step 1. Start by pulling apart one of the bobby pins to make it a long plat piece. This will be inserted into the lock and used to move the pins.

Step 2. Now, insert the pin into the lock with the flat side facing up. Push the pin to the left and bend the pin slightly.

Step 3. Take one end of the pick ad to bend a half back until it creates a small loop.

Step 4. Then, bend a whole bobby pin into the right angle

Step 5. Push each of the pins into the right position and turn the barrel slowly. When the pins are out, the barrel will also turn freely and the door will be open

How to Pick a Combination Lock

How to Pick a Lock - Photo by Bill Ferngren from Pixabay

A combination lock is often used in gym lockers, school, and other purposes to secure the items within the home.
If you lose a combination lock, it can be frustrating since you maybe can not take your belongings. To open the combination lock by cracking the code, we will share with you tutorials on how to pick a lock below:

Step 1. Pull up on the shackle gently. Avoid too much pressure because it will make it impossible to turn the dial.
Step 2. Turn the dial clockwise until you hear the lock clicking.
Step 3. Then, set the first number of the combination lock and spin the dial for a few minutes.
Step 4. Then, keep pressuring gently on the shackle and turn the dial slowly to find the second number.
Step 5. Now to find the third number, try every possible combination. You can spin the dial clockwise a few times to reset the lock and make it at zero. After that apply pressure on the shackle and turn the dial clockwise again.

How to Pick a Lock with a Paperclip

When you lost your key and need the fastest way to open the door, you just need to have a couple of paperclips. See the step by step guide below to open the door using paperclips:

How to Pick a Lock - Photo by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Step 1. Prepare a pair of pliers and two big paperclips; one for a tension wrench, one as the pick.

Step 2. Then, unfold the paperclip into the lock pick until the paperclips become two straight wires with a curve at each end.

Step 3. One of the paperclips acts as a tension wrench that you insert into the bottom of the keyhole.

Step 4. Now, turn the wrench in the direction that the lock turn.

Step 5. After that use the rest paperclip as a pick and insert the pick to the back of the keyhole and take it quickly while jiggling the pick upward.

Step 6. Place the pins inside the keyhole using the pick.

Step 7. Apply rotate pressure to the tension wrench when you depress the pins. After that jiggle the picks until the pin unlock.


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