How to Play Harmonica: Here's Some Easy Lessons for Beginners

How to Play Harmonica: Here's Some Easy Lessons for Beginners
How to Play Harmonica - Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay
SHARE - Ever wonder how hard is it to learn how to play harmonica? It depends on your will. Harmonica is an easy and fun instrument to get started playing.

A harmonica is a kind of mouth organ instruments. This instrument can play a wide range of songs from most cultures from all over the world. Despite the small size, it can sound loud yet beautiful and attractive.

This musical instrument is considered easy to learn among beginners. Scroll down to the very last of the page to learn it!

How to Play the Harmonica: Step-by-step Lesson

How to Play Harmonica - Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

To learn how to play harmonica, it requires learning the proper positioning of your lips and the harmonica. Read this step-by-step tutorial on how to play harmonica for beginners:

Step 1. First thing first, learn how to hold the harmonica properly. "Grab" the harmonica using your right hand with the numbering side facing up and the sounding note on your left. This may be basic, but it is necessary to know in order to make your learning easier. Now, place the harmonica to your mouth tip. Be relax and moist your lips. The positioning of the harmonica down to your lip (lower) is the most critical.

Step 2. Position the harmonica and rotate the harmonica with the back-side of the harmonica facing towards the ceiling. Check using a mirror to know the position properly. Make sure the upper lip is deep over the harmonica.

Step 3. Now, unfold your lower lip. The lower lip should be unfolded in order to make the harmonica contacting with the inner surface of your lower lip. Put attention on how you shallow the lower lip. This should cover the plate of the harmonica.

Step 4. Pull the lower lip using your fingers, so the harmonica can make contact with the tender inner surface.

This is the proper position of your harmonica and your lips:

  • The harmonica: making the harmonica contacts with your lower lip's inner surface. Its angle is down to the lower lip.
  • The upper lip: positioned deep over the harmonica.
  • The lower lip: positioned on the shallow over the harmonica.

How to Play Amazing Grace on Harmonica

Here is how you can play Amazing Grace by John Newton with your harmonica (use for diatonic harmonica):

6  7  8  7      8       -8      7      -6     6
Amazing  Grace, how sweet the sound,

 6         7   8 7     8       -8   9
That saved a__ wretch like me.

8 9 8   9 8   7    6     -6 7  7 -6     6
I once was lost but no-w am__ found,

 6        7    8 7  8 -8  7
Was blind, but now I see.


   6          7   8 7     8     -8   7      -6  6
T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear.

 6     7         8 7    8    -8  9
And Grace, my_ fears relieved.

 8    9 8  9 8   7     6   -6 7     7 -6 6
How precious did that Grace appear

 6      7   8 7   8  -8  7
The hour I__ first believed.


6           7 8 7     8  -8        7        -6    6
Through many_ dangers, toils and snares

6  7     8 7 8 -8   9
I  have al-ready come;

8      9 8   9 8       7      6  - 6 7  7 -6  6
‘Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far

6         7   8 7   8    -8    7
and Grace will lead me home.


 6            7   8 7     8    -8     7     -6    6
When we’ve been here ten thousand years

6         7  8 7  8  -8   9
Bright shining as the sun.

8    9 8  9 8     7    6  -6   7   7    -6    6
We’ve no_ less days to sing God’s praise

6      7      8  7    8   -8 7
Than when we’ve first begun.

Tips on How to Play Harmonica

There is a variety of harmonica that you can actually learn. Before you learn it, you need to know which kind of Harmonica you are learning. Thus, you can also choose what to buy depending on the budgets and needs. After you get your own harmonica, you should learn everything about how to play harmonica.

Learning to play the harmonica is not only learning the keynotes and the songs, it also involves how you can control your breath and have a lot of practice.

You can begin to play a single melody to begin learning how to play harmonica, using either a pucker or tongue block. Firstly, you can learn how to read harmonica tablature. It involves how to play harmonica in position and reading the positions of 12 harmonica keys.

Learning to play a single melody note on the harmonica, you need to use your mouth to isolate a single hole. Then, you need to blow the air through the harmonica to play the note (either a pucker or tongue block).

The last tip when you have mastered how to play harmonica and the note reading, you shouldn't move your head along the harmonica. Move the harmonica instead. Good luck!


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