How to Play Skip Bo: The Basic Rules You Need to Understand

May 05, 2020 07:00 PM

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SHARE - Skip-Bo is a card game for 2 to 6 players similar to Solitaire. The goal is to get rid of your cards while blocking different players from discarding theirs. Since anybody over age seven can play, Skip-Bo can be an incredible game for families. Skip-Bo is a fun and simple to play card game that can be delighted in by two to six players.

Be the first player to drain your store to dominate this match! Wondering how to play Skip-Bo easily? Well, here are the steps of how to play Skip-Bo compiled by Tripboba. Let’s take a look by scrolling down!

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How to Play Skip-Bo: Understand the Rules

Flickr - Photo by Jean-Marie Howard

Here are the rules you need to understand before you play the Skip-Bo game.

1. How to Play Skip Bo Card Game: Get to Know the Goal

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The first step of how to play Skip-Bo is that you need to be familiar with the goal. A Skip-Bo deck has a sum of 144 cards numbered 1 to 12 and 16 "Skip-Bo" cards, which are wild. Every player is given a heap 10 to 30 cards, depending on the number of players.

Every player's heap of cards is known as a stockpile. The purpose of Skip-Bo is to play each card in your stockpile in numerical order. The first player to play each card in their stockpile is the winner. Despite the fact that the cards are multi-colored in Skip-Bo, these colors are not relevant. All you have to worry about is the number on the cards.

2. How to Play Skip Bo Card Game: Use the Different Piles

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The second step of how to play Skip-Bo is that you need to know how to use the various piles. Besides every player's store, there are three different kinds of piles used for three distinct purposes. But it is critical to see how each one functions before you begin playing the game.

After the entirety of the cards has been divided, place the rest of the cards in the players. This is known as the draw pile. Every player will draw from this pile toward the start of their turn, and use the cards to make building piles.

When the game starts, players begin disposing of their cards by making building piles in the center of the table. There are four structure piles, and everyone must begin with either a 1 or a Skip-Bo card.

At the finish of each turn, players discard a card into a discard pile. Every player can have up to four discard piles, and the cards in these heaps ought to look up. The cards in the discard heaps can be used in succeeding turns to add to the build heaps.

3. How to Play Skip Bo Card Game: Know How to Win the Game

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The third step of how to play Skip-Bo is knowing to win the Skip-Bo game. Throughout the game, the goal is to dispose of the entirety of your cards as fast as possible by placing them into building heaps. The first individual to play each card in quite a while or her reserve wins the game.

You can plan against different players by keeping them from disposing of their cards more rapidly than you dispose of yours. Since you can see what cards different players have at their disposal, you can play a game of cards that will block them from having the option to play these cards.

You'll dispose of your cards quicker if you play the cards from your store before playing those in your disposal heap.

4. How to Play Skip Bo Card Game: Keep Your Score (Optional)

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The fourth step of how to play Skip Bo is to keep the score if you want it. Keeping the score while at the same time playing Skip-Bo is actually optional, yet it tends to be a good method to develop the game to multiple rounds.

To keep score, have every player check their rest cards toward the finish of the game and multiply this number by 5. The winning player gets these points and 25 for winning the match. The first player to arrive at 500 points wins.

500 points is only a beginning stage suggested for score keeping. But, you can go for a higher number in the event that you need to play more rounds.

5. How to Play Skip Bo Card Game: Play on Teams

Flickr - Photo by Jason Miller & Melanie Krehbiel

The fifth step of how to play Skip Bo is playing on teams for a change. After you have mastered the essential rule of Skip-Bo, you should seriously consider playing on teams. This includes some additional strategy, cooperation, and collaboration.

To play in teams, follow the same guidelines from normal Skip-Bo, but you can use your partner's disposal of heaps to assist you with your turn. Divide your total players equally to play in teams. For instance, when four people are playing, then you could play in groups of two.


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