How to Pray to God in Christian: 10 Meaningful Messages and Tips from Bible for Your Praying

How to Pray to God in Christian: 10 Meaningful Messages and Tips from Bible for Your Praying
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SHARE - Prayer is the breath of life for Christians. Only through prayer are people free to express and convey their hearts to God. Then what kind of prayer is correct and pleasing to God? Some people might wonder how to pray to God in a good way. There are various reasons why people want to know how to make God “listen.” 

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If you’re feeling down and you need help from the Almighty God, you can find out some of tips and messages taken from Bible on how to pray to God that you can try. These tips are useful and meaningful since they are taken from Bible. Well, here are some messages in the Bible about prayer for your reference.

1. Pray Persistently

In order to understand and know what you really want, you need to be enduring the persistence of praying. No prays that can be answered right away, in human mind, yet God can do it in a blink of an eye, even faster. So, to be understand how to pray to God to make you feel better, you need to pray persistently. As it is said on Bible, “Ask, it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” – Matthew 7: 7

Jesus told them a parable to emphasize that they should always pray and never lose heart. He said;

“In a city there is a judge who doesn't fear God and doesn't respect anyone. And in that city there was a widow who always came to the judge and said, Defend my rights against my opponents. For some time the judge refused. But then he said to himself: Although I do not fear Allah and respect no one, but because this widow is troubling me, let me justify her, so that she doesn't just come and end up attacking me. " The Lord said: “Heed what the wrongdoing judge said! Will God not justify His elect who cry out to Him day and night? And was there He stalling for time before helping them?" – Luke 18: 1-7

2. Pray with a Clean Heart

Before you pray, you need to make sure your heart is clean and honest. In the front of God, you don’t have to hide anything, be yourself and be as honest as possible. As on Bible, “Therefore, I want men everywhere to pray with holy hands, without anger and without strife.” – 1 Timothy 2: 8

You need to keep our bodies clean in prayer, especially in praying with others, but it is the cleanliness of your hearts and minds that God sees.

3. No worries

A clean and honest heart will let your words flow as the water. If you have already have that thoughts, then, you don’t have to be worried about everything. Let God do His! On Bible, “Moreover, in your prayers, do not be wordy, as is the habit of people who do not know God. They think that because of the many words their prayers will be answered." – Matthew 6: 7

Those are 3 tips of how to pray to God you should consider to have. You can always say anything, everything, and whatever that bothers your mind. Let God knows everything. Other tips are on the next page to make your pray “listened” by Him.

How to Pray to God for a Miracle: Make Your Prayer Come True

How to Pray to God for a Miracle: Make Your Prayer Come True
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If you're thinking about your pray that haven't answered yet and hoping for miracle to come, you need to look within yourself. Sometimes people forget what they really need when praying. The next tips and messages of how to pray to God below can be your references. 

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4. Seeing God as Father

You must see God as our Father. When you view Him as our heavenly Father, then prayer for yourself should not be formal. Pray is like communicating and chatting with your father face to face. In your prayers, you do not need and should not fear Him. On the contrary, you should be happy, because you have met our heavenly Father.

5. Not Hypocritical

The Lord Jesus reminded His disciples of this;

In His teaching Jesus said: “Beware of the scribes who like to walk around in long robes and receive honor in the marketplace, who like to sit in the forefront of the synagogue and in the place of honor in banquets, who swallow widows' houses, while they trick people's eyes with long prayers. They will definitely receive a harsher punishment.” – a Mark 12: 38-40

Here the Lord Jesus spoke about the Jewish scribes who committed various crimes, among others, by deceiving widows and taking away their homes. To cover up their crimes, the scribes liked to perform acts of worship, including long prayers. They think that by praying deeply, other people will think well of them.

6. A Forgiving Heart

The Lord Jesus taught His disciples about the relationship between prayer and forgiveness. He taught them to forgive others first before they pray to God.

“And if you stand up to pray, please forgive first if you have anything in your heart against someone, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive your mistakes.” – a Mark 11:25

If you pray in a way that doesn't forgive others, then God will not be pleased with your prayers. In the next verse of God’s word above (Mark 11:26) it is stated that you will not be forgiven by God if you yourselves do not forgive others.

Learning How to Pray to God: Pray As What Bible Says

Learning How to Pray to God: Pray As What Bible Says
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Learning how to pray to God is a good thing to do. Sometimes people really missed the essence of praying. Praying itself is like talking to other beings, in this case the Great. So, you might look within yourself before really complaining about your prays that haven't answered yet. Let's check some of the messages and tips below!

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7. Pray with Spiritual Leadership

The way to pray in the spirit is by following the leading of the holy spirit itself. The holy spirit may exist until now to accompany people every day because this is a clear evidence of God's promise to be with humans until the end. The holy spirit knows what humans need most down to their own weaknesses, so when praying it may be reminded that all our shortcomings are overcome and submitted to God.

In Romans 8:26 says “Likewise the spirit helps us in our weaknesses; for we do not know how to pray exactly; but the spirit himself prays for us to God with groanings that cannot be uttered.

    8. Praying Must Be Worshiped in Spirit and in Truth

    Praying is a weapon that every believer must prepare and have in facing this wicked world. Praying in the spirit can also be interpreted as a form of worship to God because by praying we can channel and show our longing for Him for His presence and love. In John 4:25 it says "God is a spirit and whoever worships him must worship him in spirit and in truth". Thus for believers who worship him must also be baptized, this can be seen in the bible verses about baptism.

    It should be known by everyone that praying is not just an ordinance or part of the worship process but is an activity that must be done every day. Praying must also be in truth because when we pray it is not only heard by humans but to God so that everything is heard by Him.

      9. The Matter of Praying is Not Limited to Tongues

      Tongues sometimes sound foreign to some people's ears because basically, not all tongues can do it. Tongues is often interpreted by a group of people as a way of praying in the spirit. Tongues is often said to be the language in tongues. Tongues occurs when praying in tongues, tongues cannot be understood by ordinary people because the language spoken is unknown and cannot be understood. But this all returns to each other, people who cannot speak in tongues do not mean they do not have faith in God because not everyone is endowed with this ability.

      All people are equal before Allah as long as their heart and faith when praying are only directed to Allah, then of course even ordinary prayers will be heard by Him. Praying must actually be based on the leading of the holy spirit and according to His will so that it cannot be measured in tongues, in this case we can also see how the character of Christ and the example of Jesus Christ in prayer.

        10. Pray in Holiness

        Humans are required to always maintain a holy life and are pleasing to God. The holy spirit that is in man needs a holy vessel as well, man is a vessel of God so that a vessel that is holy and pleasing to God is his favorite.

        Even so, sinful humans cannot become part of this vessel of Allah, a heart that longs for God's presence is the beginning of life that brings holiness to the body. Praying in holiness means maintaining the condition of our hearts and minds when praying so as not to be affected by the world's distractions. Praying in holiness means putting God in it.

        Those are 10 messages and tips of how to pray to God taken from Bible that you should start to try. You may forget and ignore the essence of praying, then you should be more open and true to yourself in praying. Good luck!


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