How to Reset PS4 Controller: Follow These Hacks to Restart Your Game!

May 15, 2020 12:00 PM

PlayStation 4 Controller - Photo by Mark Farrell from Flickr
SHARE - Playing video games with your friends or family is fun. You can compete with each other to win the game. You can spend your precious time during this difficult time by staying at home and playing video games. If you are a new user of PS4 and want to know more about how to reset PS4 controller, this article might be a good read for you. Stay tuned until the very end to find out how to reset PS4 controller. Keep on reading!

PS4 Controller is a device you can use to control your character in the video game. It provides vibration feedback for the onscreen actions taking place in the game. It can give a command to the screen where the video game is displayed. 

There are 13 digital buttons to help you control the video game, including start, select, L1, R1, R2, L2, L3, R3, Analog, and many other buttons. This controller stick is also equipped by 2 analog sticks (10-bit precision) and the digital directional buttons. 

PS4 Controller is also widely known as DualShock Analog Controller (SCPH-1200) which is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Until now, there is already the fifth generation of PS4 Controller launched by Sony. 

There are two types of controller available: DualShock Analog Controller with cable and also the newest generation of controller called DualShock 3 that comes without the cable attached to its body. This new generation of controllers lets you move freely while playing your favorite video game.

After you know the history of PS4 controller, now are you wondering how to reset your PS4 controller? Worry not, Tripboba will share with you the easy guides on how to reset PS4 controller in this article. If you really want to know, please stick around to this article closely. Happy reading!

1. How to Reset a PS4 Controller

If the question of "how to reset a PS4 controller"? leads you to this article, it means that you will find the answer to your question. To reset your PS4 controller, you can try to do these steps on how to reset PS4 controller.

Step 1. You need to log in using the second controller and then go to "Setting" in the PS4 menu on top.

Step 2. Select "Device" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Then choose "Bluetooth Devices", and select it.

Step 4. There will be a list of the installed controller on the screen. The next thing to do is selecting the inactive one that appears on the screen.

Step 5. Click on the "Options" button from your controller.

Step 6. Next, choose "Forget Device". After that, turn off the PS4 by pressing the "Power" button and then choose "Turn off PS4". 

Step 7. Now, connect the controller that you have just reset to the PS4 using a USB cable.

Step 8. Next, you need to turn on the PS4 and wait for it to boot up.

Step 9. The last step on how to reset PS4 controller is pressing the "PlayStation" button from your controller and then try to login to the PS4. Buy now, your controller must be connected again after you successfully reset it.

2. How to Hard Reset PS4 Controller

After you know the steps on resetting your PS4 controller, now we move to the hard reset version. To perform a hard reset to your PS4 controller, here are the things you need to do:

Step 1. The first thing you need to do to reset your PS4 controller is to turn off the PlayStation 4.

Step 2. Next, locate the reset button near the L2 shoulder button. You need to put it on the back of your controller and grab a small unfolded paper-clip or something similar to push the button. Hold the button for seconds and then release it.

Step 3. After performing the actions, now try to connect the controller to the PS4 console and then turn on the PS4.

Step 4. Yay, you have just reset your PS4 controller successfully!

how to factory reset a ps4 controller

You have just learned how to reset PS4 controller both soft and hard reset. It is quite easy, isn't it? After you know the steps on how to reset PS4 controller, now you can practice it at home and reset your game again! Happy Playing!


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