How to Reset Samsung Tablet: 4 Highlights You Need to Understand

May 25, 2020 11:01 PM

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SHARE - Do you have any plans to sell your smartphone? Or, you want to make the performance of your Samsung gadgets better? Well, you can do a hard reset to your device. Thus, you will need this guide about how to reset Samsung tablet.

A hard reset will reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 back to its factory default settings. You need to do these steps if you'd like to sell the device or if you want to return it to the store. But you can also perform a hard reset if there are problems with the device that you can’t seem to solve using any other method.

1. What Problems Can the Factory Reset Solve?

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Before we talk about how to reset Samsung tablet, we need to know what problems can be solved by the factory reset of the Samsung Tablet. If you're having problems with your Samsung screen lock or your tablet is breaking down, and one of your friends is suggesting factory reset as an answer for the problem, then you might want to know the Samsung Android issues factory reset can tackle.

Well, factory resetting a Samsung tablet can take care of the following issues:
- Fix device malfunctioning or hanging issues.
- Recover your whole tablet storage memory.
- Delete screen lock on a Samsung tablet.
- Investigate your Samsung to tackle other minor issues through factory reset.

2. How to Factory Reset Samsung Tablet that Functions Well

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Now, we are about to talk about how to reset Samsung tablet that still functions well. If your Samsung tablet is working well (for example is unlocked and has no technical problems), you can simply run a factory reset through the Settings application.

But, before you factory reset your Samsung tablet, you have to backup your important data and files before resetting your Samsung tablet. To factory reset a Samsung tablet from the Settings application, you can follow these stages:
Stage 1. Go to the Settings application and choose "General Management" from the menu.
Stage 2. Choose "Reset" again and see the data shown on your Samsung screen.
Stage 3. Swipe up your screen and then tap "Factory data reset".
Stage 4. Enter your password and choose "Reset".
Those are the steps of how to reset Samsung tablet in general.

- The stages above may differ by Android Operating System your Samsung tablet is running and your wireless network provider.
- The information and files stored in your microSD card won't be influenced when your factory reset your Samsung tablet.
- Make sure that your Samsung tablet is completely charged. Don't turn it off during the factory reset process.

3. How to Reset Samsung Tablet that is Malfunctioning with Samsung Find My Mobile

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Under the term "abnormal situations" to factory reset a Samsung tablet, we will call attention to 3 situations a Samsung tablet can be named "being mal-functioning" and they include:
- Samsung tablet is lost or even stolen.
- You forgot your own password to the Samsung tablet.
- Broken screen or scanner doesn't recognize fingerprint/face ID or password.

If you need to factory reset any Samsung gadget in such conditions, then the following stages will be a good help for you.

Samsung Find My Mobile is both an online help and an application that makes you able to find, lock, or wipe your gadget remotely from any area. Hence, you would factory be able to reset Samsung from the Find My Mobile device.

Stage 1. Login to Find My Mobile site utilizing your Samsung account as well as your password.
Stage 2. Choose the Samsung tablet that you have to factory reset, and afterward pick and click "erase data".
Stage 3. Pick "Factory data reset" and afterward click "Eradicate".
Stage 4. Info your Samsung account password to affirm this activity. Your Samsung tablet will be cleaned when it finishes.

Note that you should be signed in to your Samsung account to have the option to utilize this program. If your Samsung tablet is online, the factory reset will occur automatically. If it is disconnected, the wipe will occur when the gadget goes online once more.

4.  How to Reset Samsung Tablet 4

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Do you want to reset your Samsung Tablet 4? Well, there are two methods of how to reset Samsung tablet Galaxy 4. Here we go!

Method 1: From Startup
- The first step of how to reset Samsung tablet is to be sure that the device is off. After that, press and hold the “Volume Up “, “Home“, and “Power” buttons.
- Release the buttons in case you see the recovery screen as well as the Samsung logo.
- Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and select “wipe data/factory reset“. Press “Home” to choose the highlighted selection.
- On the next screen, tap “Volume Up” to keep going.

Method 2: From Software Menus
- Start your device and open “Apps” > “Settings“.
- Choose the “General” tab.
- Choose “Backup and reset“
- Click “Factory data reset“.
- Check the “Format SD Card” choice if needed. This choice will remove data on the SD card data such as your photos and music.
- Click “Reset device“.
After that, the Galaxy Tab 4 should then go through the hard reset process.


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