How to Screen Record on Mac: 3 Easy Tutorials You Can Follow

How to Screen Record on Mac: 3 Easy Tutorials You Can Follow
How to Screen Record on Mac - Photo by designecologist from Pexels
SHARE - We all must have wondered about taking a picture or recording a video while something is moving on our gadget's screen. Whether you're watching your favorite videos on YouTube or enjoying your shows on Netflix – or you simply want to show someone how to do something, you can do it by recording your screen. On a particular topic, users with macOS devices find it quite different to do screen record.

After Apple launched macOS Mojave in September 2018, users were helped to experience this with a built-in screen recording app called Screenshot. It provides easy ways to capture a screen or to record a video (even with sound). This convenience can be experienced if you have macOS Mojave or already with the latest version.

But, what if you are a new Mac user and don't know how to screen record on Mac? No more worries! In this writing, Tripboba will show you some easy ways on how to screen record on Mac. Let's get it started!

How to Screen Record on a Mac

How to Screen Record on Mac - Photo by tranmautritam from Pexels

Keep in mind that this first tutorial can be accomplished if you have Mojave, Catalina, or MacOS’ latest version. So, here is how to do it.

Step 1. To open the screenshot toolbar, press Command + Shift + 5 at the same time.

Step 2. A new option will pop up and show whether you want to Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Portion.

Step 3. If you choose to record the entire screen, just press the Record button right next to Options. On the other hand, if you choose to record only a portion of your screen, there will be a box showing up that allow you to resize and drag the recording window.

Step 4. The Options button is to see other preferences, such as a countdown timer, to see which microphone to use, and to choose where to save your recording.

Step 5. In case you have more than one screen, you can just click and hold on the Record button to see the option Screen 1 and Screen 2.

Step 6. Click the Record button whenever you’re ready.

Step 7. You’ll know it’s recording when the small Stop button appears in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

Step 8. To stop the recording, click the Stop button or press Command + Shift + 5 again, and then press the Stop button in the menu that appears.

Step 9. Your recording is now in the top bottom right corner of your screen. Click the recording to open it with Quick Look. You’ll find your recording file, alternatively, on your Desktop.

Step 10. If you want to edit your video, just click the Trim button next to the Done button.

Step 11. Trimming is easy. You can just click on the yellow hold points at the beginning and end of the recording and then drag them inwards.

Step 12. By clicking Done, you have just finished the process of how to screen record on mac.

How to Record Screen and Audio at the Same Time on Mac

How to Screen Record on Mac - Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Now, Tripboba will lead you through another easy way for how to screen record on Mac using QuickTime. Using QuickTime is an alternative if you can’t run Mojave or you simply don’t want to install it. This player is totally free for Mac users.

    Step 1. To locate your QuickTime Player, press Command + Space and type QuickTime.

    Step 2. Choose New Screen Recording – the easiest way to do this is by right clicking on the QuickTime Player icon in your Dock and just select New Screen Recording. A new Screen Recording box will show up.

    Step 3. Left-click on the white down arrow for more options and you’ll see an external microphone for audio and the opportunity to use the built-in microphone. For instance, if you want to use your iPhone headphones to record your voice, plug in your iPhone headphones and choose External Microphone. Notice that this way, you won’t be able to record audio from videos playing on your screen.

    Step 4. Another option you have is whether your mouse clicks should show up or not during the recording. This is off by default. Click the Record button whenever you’re ready. You can choose whether you want to record only part of the screen or the whole screen. When you choose to record part of the screen, you’ll notice a message that tells you to drag the record part of your screen. Drag it across the area you want to record and click the Record button again.

    Step 5. You can alternatively record the whole screen by clicking on the red Record button. And then, click the screen everywhere to begin recording. Once you’re done recording, you can right-click on the QuickTime icon in the Dock and choose Stop Recording from the menu. And then save the QuickTime video.

    After the whole process of how to screen record on Mac using QuickTime, you will be able to use the video in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or even share it right away on YouTube.

    How to Screen Record on Mac with Sound

    How to Screen Record on Mac - Photo by Photo by torsten-dettlaff from Pexels

    It won’t be complete if you record a screen without sound. On this page, Tripboba will share with you the easy ways on how to screen record on Mac with sound.

    Step 1. You can launch an app called Screenflick.

    Step 2. If you want to record the sound from your Mac, click Record System Audio.

    Step 3. Click Record Microphone to record your own voice.

    Step 4. If you want to record your FaceTime camera, the Record Camera is the one to click.

    Step 5. Select the area of the screen you want to want to record or you can just simply record the whole screen.

    Step 6. And then, start recording.

    We also want to let you know that through the built-in Screenshot app, you want to make sure whether the microphone is selected or not – this is very important to have a recording result with sound.

    To access this setting, click on Options and then Built-In Microphone.


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