How to Send a letter: Helpful Guide to Send a Letter Properly

How to Send a letter: Helpful Guide to Send a Letter Properly
How to Send a letter - Photo by Gerhard G from Pixabay
SHARE - Everyone likes to receive a card or letter from friends or family. If you are planning to send your own letter or important documents, make sure to put the right information in the correct spots. 

If you are still confused about how to send a letter, this article is written for you. Here, we've got you covered with a useful guide on how to send a letter. Keep scrolling!

How Many Stamps Do I Need to Send a letter?

Some of you have probably questioned, “how many stamps do I need to send a letter?”. It can be quite confusing to decide how many stamps you'll need — especially when you consider just how many services the United States Postal Service provides.

Before you learn how to send a letter, let us explain the details about how many stamps you need when sending a letter. For domestic letter shipping, you need to pay $0.55 to get a domestic forever stamp. Your letter will be received by the recipient within 1 to 3 working days.

While if you plan to send a domestic postcard within the United States of America, it's a little bit cheaper. You only need to buy a Postcard stamp for 35 cents ad pop it in the mailbox. You do have the option to purchase a domestic forever stamp.

Besides, for international letter shipping, say for example USA to the UK, you'll need the Global Forever Stamp that costs $1.20 and feature a green succulent.

How many stamps that you need to send a letter is depending on the weight of your letter. 1 oz or less will need 1 Domestic Forever Stamp. While 2 oz needs 1 x Domestic Forever Stamp and 1 x 15 cent Additional Ounce stamps.  3 oz letter needs 1 x Domestic Forever Stamp and 2 x 15 cents Additional Ounce stamps and 3.5 oz will need 1 x Domestic Forever Stamp, 1 x Postcard stamp, and 1 x 10 cent stamp. 

Scroll down more to learn about  how to send a letter. 

How to Send a Certified Letter

How to Send a Certified Letter
How to Send a letter - Photo by ninita_7 from Pixabay

Have you got something important and you need to send, and that requires confirmation of receipt? You may use the certified mail service offered by USPSS. Sending a certified letter with UPSS service is easy ad convenient. Follow this guide on how to send a letter from your local post office.

Step 1. First, you have to visit a local post office and get a Certified Mail Form 3800. This form contains a green and white sticker that includes a barcode. This will allow you to track your mail via USPS. Make sure to fill in all the required information on the form.

Step 2. Remove the backing and then place the sticker on the top edge of the envelope you are sending, directly to the right of the return address area.

Step 3. Pay the postage for a certain type of mail delivery. Also, pay for the additional services such as a fee for USPS Certified Mail and Return receipt. All of these may cost about $6.

Step 4. You can also choose a restricted delivery service to get a guarantee that a recipient receives and signs for the certified email. 

Step 5. Last, determine whether or not you want to pay for return receipt service. You can choose to obtain the receipt via email with an image of your signature included or as a physical receipt. Don't forget to collect and keep the receipt that has been stamped with the mailing date.

How to Send a Letter in The Mail

How to Send a Letter in The Mail
How to Send a letter - Photo by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Sending a letter through email is supposed to be quick and easy. It’s really made our lives simpler. Sending an email should be straightforward. It’s super simpler than sending a letter on paper as we did in the old days. An email, today, is faster, cheaper, and more reliable. So, here are the steps on how to send a letter in the mail.

Step 1. Start by opening a new email

Step 2. Enter the recipient's email address in the “to” box on the upper part

Step 3. Use the "cc" field and enter the email address of anyone who needs to receive a copy of the email.

Step 4. Don't forget to write the subject of your email in the “subject” field

Step 5. Then, write the message or letter you want to send. Make sure you make a good structure of the letter. Use appropriate words also. You can attach some additional files in the option "attach" 

How to Send a Registered Letter

How to Send a Registered Letter
How to Send a letter - Photo by Capri23auto from Pixabay

When you send a registered letter, the US post office will secure your package from the day you send it to the point of delivery. The registered letter is useful for special occasions like when you are sending valuable contents by mails. Learn from the following way on how to send a letter especially a registered letter.

Step 1. Visit the nearest local US Post Office.

Step 2. Go to the public service table and fill in the PS Form 380 6. You can also download from the USPS website

Step 3. Then fill out all the registered mail forms. You can choose between domestic and international mailings.

Step 4. Give the filled out PS Form 3806 and payment of the letter mailed to the post office employee at the counter.

Step 5. Also, tell the employee if you want to purchase the insurance for the letter


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