How to Shave Your Head and Face Safely Using a Sharp Razor

How to Shave Your Head and Face Safely Using a Sharp Razor
How to Shave - Photo by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
SHARE - It's a new day and now is a great time to get ready and begin something amazing. Learn how to shave your head and your face by reading Tripboba’s guide below!

Whether you are shaving for the first time or you're already a pro, we have some tips on how to get a smoother, more comfortable shave. Let’s have a check!

How to Shave Your Head

How to Shave - Photo by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Follow these steps to learn how to shave your head safely.

Step 1: Pre-shave

The first step of how to shave is to remove as much hair as possible. Remember to use unprotected hair clippers, listen to the hair as close to the scalp as possible.

Step 2: Preparation

The next step of how to shave is preparation. Always shave your hair after or at the end of a shower, to soften hair, open pores, as well as cleanse the skin. Your shower has to last at least 10 minutes.

During the shower, gently soap the washcloth and with light pressure slide the cloth all over your head in the direction of the granules. This will lift the hair to make it easier to shave. Rinse your head and the washcloth that was left in the shower for a few minutes.

Next, you need to apply good shaving cream and let it sit for a few minutes to further soften hair. Stay away from gels or products that contain menthol, which will close pores and make the hair stiff. Shaving cream is ideally applied using a badger hair brush to soften and lift the hair. Never skimp on preparation. This is essential for a nice head shave!

How to Shave Head

How to Shave Head
How to Shave - Photo by TLSPAMG from Pixabay

Step 3: Shave

This is the core step of how to shave: shaving! It’s suggested to always have a hand mirror ready so you can check the shave from all angles. You don't want to miss anything. In addition, shave your head at the sink.

Also, make sure you have bright lighting. The right lighting is quite essential. Use a clean and sharp razor. Start by shaving with the grain (direction of hair growths). This will minimize irritation, cuts, hair growth and razor burns.

Slide the razor side and back up. Remember to avoid applying pressure (you don't want nicks or cuts) and rinsing your knife frequently. Take it easy, pay your attention, and be patient. Don’t get clumsy. You don't want to be rushed or awkward during this process.

When you're done shaving, apply a small amount of lather to your hands and rub your entire head. Make sure to check for rough spots (sometimes you can't see them), particularly behind the ears and behind the neck.

Shave off any missing spots. In case you want a tighter shave, rinse again and shave slightly against the grain. You need to remember that shaving the area repeatedly can cause razor burns. Therefore, you have to try to avoid this.

If you injure yourself, apply a damp alum block to the area to stop the bleeding. After you’re done shaving, close the pores with a cool water rinse. In case you are using a shaving brush, don’t forget to always hang the brush to dry with the bristles facing down. It is also suggested to shave your hair every day. The process will be easier if you do.

Step 4: Repair and Protect

The next step of how to shave is to repair and protect. You need to moisturize and protect the skin. Finishing with a nice gel or balm is key to making skin smooth, soft, and protected.

Remember, you have to always wear sunscreen on your head since the skin on your head is more sensitive. Also, it is very susceptible to skin cancer. The first-time shavers will want to give their scalp some color. We recommend using self-tanning creams rather than prolonged sun exposure. Over time, your scalp will change color and you won't have to apply self-tanning cream.

Make sure to purchase a high-quality tanner and test it on hidden parts of your body to make sure the color appears natural. You don't want to stroll around with a big, orange, bald head!

Step 5: Maintain

Shaving your head everyday or every other day will make sure better results and leave you looking refreshed. Always moisturize and use a good sunscreen. Now, shaving heads is common, therefore some companies now make products only for bald men.

That’s all about a guide of how to shave that Tripboba can present. Now, go out there and show off your bald head with pride!

How to Shave Your Face

How to Shave Your Face
How to Shave - Photo by ds_30 from Pixabay

Here are the steps of how to shave your face.

Step 1: Hydrate

First, hydration helps minimize scratches, cuts, and irritations when shaving. We recommend that you shave immediately after showering. You can also shave while taking a shower.

Hydrating softens your hair and lets the razor glide more easily. Use a scrub or facial cleanser to get rid of oil, dirt, and dead skin. It will also prepare your skin for a comfortable shave.

Step 2: Apply Shaving Cream

Apply shaving gel or foam to the top and spread all over the body to help moisturize hair, increase razor blades, and help protect against irritation.

Step 3: Check the Dull Blades

Check the lubrication strip; in case it looks faded or worn, or if the blade feels dull when shaving, it may be time for a new cartridge.

Step 4: Shave with Soft and Light Strokes

With light, gentle movements, let your razor do its work.

Step 5: Rinse Your Blades Often

Remember, don't shave without shaving cream or shave too much in the same area, as this can cause irritation. Tapping the razor against the sink can damage a properly engineered part of the razor.

Step 6: Shave Both with and Against Grain

So, with or against the tide? The answer is both. Facial hair grows in many directions. Therefore, you will shave in the opposite direction at different times of your routine. Shave in the direction that is most comfortable for you.

Step 7: Use the Precision Trimmer

Use the precision trimmer on the back of any razor for hard-to-reach places like under your nose and to define your sideburns.

Step 8: Apply Moisturizer

Wash your face with cold water and pat it dry. Scrub with a moisturizing aftershave lotion to help your skin feel comfortable and soft.


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