How to Shred Cabbage: Try These Simple Tips and Tricks!

Jun 30, 2020 07:00 PM

How to Shred Cabbage - Photo by RitaE on Pixabay
SHARE - Regular consumption of cabbage can be beneficial to the health of our liver. There are plenty of recipes that use cabbage, from stews to stir-fries to salads. That's why this vegetable has become one of our favorites.

Some people believe that cutting, slicing, and handling cabbage is difficult. The truth is, it's not that complicated to shred a cabbage if you know the trick!

Here, Tripboba has made an easy tutorial on how to shred cabbage as well as how to store cabbage properly. Scroll down to the end to find out how to do it!

How to Shred Cabbage Very Finely

Photo by Cookthinker on Flickr

1. Firstly, replace all the broken and shriveled leaves in the outside. Make sure that you only cut the leaves that have started to turn brown or damaged. After damaged leaves are eliminated, the remaining leaves will be the fresh and usable ones.

2. The next step on how to shred cabbage is to rinse it properly under running water for around 5 minutes. It is an essential part since the dirt, germs, and chemicals won't quit the veggie until you washed it up. Rub the cabbage before you chop them. It's actually also a good idea to wash your cabbage in cold freshwater again after you've shredded it.

3. Grab a chopping board and put the cod on it. Chopping the cabbage will be better for you if the knife is wider than the cabbage.

4. Keep the cabbage close to the cutting surface. Split in one step across the cabbage core. Split four quarters of the cabbage. If you see a wormhole in your cabbage, soak the cabbage for about 20 minutes in lukewarm saltwater, and pick it up again. It will also help to ensure the cabbage is free from pests.

5. Then, it's time to have the white kernel out. The stiff white stem is usually extracted in the shredding process. At the base of the cabbage, you can see a heart in a V-shaped form. Cut the stem off into one diagonal cut.

6. Next, you should break in half too. You will have eight tiny wedges, which will make it easier to shred the cabbage.

7. Put the wedge on the cutting board so the flat portion of the cabbage is against the board and the circular section is against you. Now, start slicing the cabbage into thin strips. Move as much as you can to the other extreme, until the remaining wedge is tiny and hard to handle.

8. Take the remaining portion of the knife, put it flat against the board, and slice it in the same direction. Do so until it shreds the whole wedge.

9. Now you have shredded thin cabbage. Slice the shreds into half horizontally to shorten them.

10. The final step on how to shred cabbage is to bring all the shreds together and cut the shred vertically down for the last time. This will make the shreds smaller and easy to cook. You should not slice them too thin, or they can get burnt during your preparations for stir-fry.

11. Now, collect these shreds in a bowl or a strainer.

12. Replicate the same for other mini wedges and pick all of the sliced cabbage.

Now that you have all the information on how to shred cabbage, plan your first attempt to start slicing.

How to Shred Cabbage with Mandoline

Photo by Michal_o79 on Pixabay

You should also do exercises on how to shred cabbage using a mandolin while using a knife. You can use a mandolin for small, even-sized shreds, then set the required thickness.

Put quartered piece flat side down. Using swiping motions to slice the cabbage easily but be cautious not to damage the fingertips when they reach the end of the wedge.

How to Store Cabbage

Photo by Tiffany Harvey on Flickr

Now that you've learned about how to shred cabbage, let's now discover how to store cabbage properly.

Store the cabbage by loose wrapping the whole cabbage in a plastic bag for about 5-7 days. Cut parts should be kept in an airtight jar for 1 up to 3 days, as long as they have not been dumped in a salt-containing dressing. Do not wash the cut cabbages until you are going to use it.


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