How to Sign A Word Document: A Complete and Easy Guide

How to Sign A Word Document: A Complete and Easy Guide
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SHARE - There are numerous documents that require a signature. It can be a rent document, medical structures, and basically anything official in your life. When you have to make a document that requires a signature, you need to take some steps to accomplish it.

Wondering how to sign a word document? You have come to the right place! Well, Tripboba has compiled detailed information about how to sign a word document for you. Check out these highlights below!

1. What is a digital signature in word document?

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Before we learn about how to sign a word document, we need to know about what a digital signature is first. A digital signature is an electronic, encrypted, stamp of verification on digital data, for example, email messages, macros, or electronic documents. A signature affirms that the data began from the signer and has not been changed.

2. Signing certificate and certificate authority

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One of the initial steps of how to sign a word document that you need to accomplish is to get a signing certificate. To make a digital signature, you must have a signing certificate, which demonstrates identity.

When you send a digitally signed macro scale or document, you likewise send your certification and public key. Certifications are given by a certification authority, and like a driver's license, can be denied. An authentication is normally substantial for a year, after which, the signer must restore, or get another, a signing certificate to build up identity.

3. What does a digital signature ensure?

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• Reliability: The signer is affirmed as the signer.
• Trustworthiness: The content has not been changed or messed with since it was carefully signed.
• Non-cancellation: Proves to all parties the starting point of the signed content. Cancellation relates to the demonstration of a signer denying any relationship with the signed content.

• The certificate related with the electrical signature is given to the signing distributer by a legitimate certificate authority (CA).
• Authorization Signatures in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files, which are time stamp by a safe time-stamp server, in specific situations, have the legitimacy of a legally notarization.

• To make these assurances, the content maker should carefully sign the content by utilizing a signature that fulfills some criteria such as: 1) The digital signature is valid. 2) The certificate related with the digital signature is current (not lapsed). 3) The signing person or association, known as the publisher, is trusted.

4. How to sign a document in Word and Excel

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Now, we move to the main course: how to sign a word document. We are going to learn how to make a signature line in Microsoft Word or Excel. Here are the steps of how to sign a word document you can apply.

Step 1. In the document or worksheet, put your pointer where you need to make a signature line.
Step 2. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click the Signature Line list. After that, click Microsoft Office Signature Line.

Step 3. In the Signature Setup dialog box, type data or information that will show up underneath the signature line: 1) suggested signer: the signer's complete name; 2) suggested signer's title: the signer's title, if any. 3) suggested signer's email address: the signer's email address, if required. 4) Guidelines to the signer Add instructions for the signer, for example, "Before signing the document, verify that the content is right."

Step 4. Choose on or both of the following check boxes: 1) Permit the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog box: Allow the signer to type a reason or purpose for signing. 2) Give an indication date in the signature line: The date the document was signed will show up with the signature.
Tip: To include extra signature lines, rehash these means.

5. How to sign a word document: Sign the signature line in Word or Excel

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When you sign a signature line, you include an obvious representation of your signature and a digital signature.

Step 1. In the document, right-click the signature line. Note: If the document opens in Protected View, click “Edit Anyway”, as long as the file is from a trusted source.
Step 2. From the menu, select “Sign”. To include a printed version of your signature, type your name in the box close to the X. To choose a picture of your written signature, click “Select Image”.
Step 3. In the “Select Signature Image” dialog box, discover the area of your signature picture file, select the document that you need, and afterward click “Select.”
Step 4. To include a written by hand signature (Tablet PC users only), sign your name in the box close to the X by utilizing the inking feature. The Signatures button shows up at the bottom of the document or worksheet.


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