How to Start a Story: 2 Different Ways to Discover Your Writing Style

May 05, 2020 12:00 PM

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SHARE - Are you currently finding which writing style suits you better? You can try learning these three ways on how to start a story to help you know your style better. To start something is sometimes hard to do. You might get confused about where to start, what the first word you should start with, or what interesting topic to discuss in your writing.

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Worry not, Tripboba will help you to discover the 2 different ways on how to start a story. Make sure to read this article till the end to find your best writing style on how to start a story.

How to start a story is quite simple. You just need to think about an interesting topic to be discussed in your writing. Start with a good topic so you will enjoy the writing process. When you enjoy the writing process that you are going through, it will affect the readers when they read your work. Happy writer means happy readers and vice versa.

The beginning of your story is an important part of your work. It will determine whether the reader will read your writing until the end, or only at the beginning. The beginning of the story is also known as a prologue. It will foreshadow the whole story so the readers will know what the story will mainly talk about. 

Do you feel conflicted with what word you should put on the first sentence to start your writings? Tripboba will share the tips and tricks on how to start a story in 2 different ways.

1. How to Start Writing a Story?

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Here are the things you need to do on how to start a story.

Step 1. Read as many as you can. By reading a different kind of genre, you will be able to find which genre that suits you better. Read much and try to mimic the style.

Step 2. Try to come up with catchy titles.

Step 3. Research before you write. This method will also help you to understand the readers.

Step 4. Keep writing and don't stop. It is okay if you make a mistake with your writing. You can always revise your work. 

Step 5. Be consistent with the style. To discover the best writing style, you need to be consistent, so your readers will recognize your work as yours.

Step 6. Read your work over and over to find an unnecessary mistake. Do some revision if it needs to be revised.

Step 7. Ask someone to read your work. Asking another person to read your work, helps you to judge the work fairly before you publish your work to the readers.

Now, you have learned how to start a story, you just need to develop the style of your writings. Here are the tips on how to start a short story and a fiction story.

2. How to Start a Short Story?

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You might wonder why short stories are fun to read. Then, you will feel challenged to write your own story so people can read your work. Don't worry, here are the steps on how to start a short story that you can follow.

Step 1. First thing first, you need to find the key emotion. It will help the readers to attach to your story.

Step 2. Next, start your story with a hook. Try to make a catching first sentence to capture the reader's attention.

Step 3. With the whole story. Put everything you want to tell to the readers on your story.

Step 4. End your story with a strong ending. A strong ending will be left an impression on the readers after they read your short story.

Step 5. Always reread the story that you have written. It will help you to find a mistake in your story.

Step 6. Edit your writings to complete it.

Step 7. If possible, ask others to review your writing. You will get an objective review from them to make it more perfect.

3. How to Start a Fiction Story?

Fiction Story - Photo by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

If you are more attached to the fiction story, here is the step on how to start a fiction story, just for you. What you need to start writing a fiction story can be found below:

Step 1. First, write the basic story that will be based on your fiction story.

Step 2. The next thing you need to do is finding the protagonist of your fiction story. The protagonist might be the narrator of your story. You need to be mindful of finding the protagonist in your fiction story.

Step 3. Now, write the first line to start your story. Try to make a strong opening, so the readers interested to read your story.

Step 4. Break your story into a scene list. It will help you to give the details in your story and also organizing the idea of the story.

Step 5. Always do some research to write a good story!

Step 6. After you write the story, now time to review and edit your story. If it is needed you can read and write your story over and over to top off your story.

Step 7. Lastly, if you think your work is complete, you can publish your story for the readers.

Start writing a story seems a hard thing to do, but you can try to begin your writing journey by following the steps given above. Happy writing!


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