How to Store Ginger Root: Make Your Ginger Stay Fresh!

How to Store Ginger Root: Make Your Ginger Stay Fresh!
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SHARE - Keeping spices fresh and can be used for a long time is a tricky business. It is rooted from a dilemma, to be exact. If you’re buying only a little amount, you might not get the discount you want, and sometimes you’re too lazy to go to the grocery store. If you buy the spices more than you need to make a single cuisine, you’ll be worried the rest of unused spices will rot and can’t be used anymore.

Ginger root is the holy grail of ingredients. It can be used to make a wide range of foods, making it tastier and giving a bit spicy but warm taste. When you’re buying ginger root, you might get it from the store’s refrigerator or at room temperature.

If you’re looking for tips and trick to make your ginger stay fresh, look no further! In this article, we will tell you the tips and tricks on how to store ginger root so it will stay fresh for a long time. Scroll down and take notes!

1.Buying the ginger

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Believe it or not, not all ginger is the same. You can see how fresh a ginger by taking a look at it when you’re about to buy it. Simply put, don’t take any gingers recklessly without making sure that it’s the best, at least from the batch. Look for firm pieces of ginger that have smooth, unwrinkled outer skin. Wrinkles on ginger is a sign that it’s beginning to deteriorate.

Keep in mind to also check for mold on the ginger. True, you can just trim the spots that have mold away, but it’s not worth your money. Try to buy them from an international market as they have a higher turnover than grocery stores and usually are sold at better prices.

2. How to store ginger root in a refrigerator

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After you bought your ginger, it’s recommended to store them with the peel still on. Cutting ginger and then storing it works as well. But it won’t last long, compared to if you’re storing it intact. To maximize the root ginger freshness time, place your ginger in a freezer bag, and take out the air inside. Then, place the bag in the crisper drawer in your refrigerator.

If you don’t have time to go through the hassle or simply don’t have the freezer bag, don’t worry! You can also place it in the brown paper bag you brought the ginger with. With this method of how to store ginger, it should stay fresh for about a week.

3. How to store ginger root, but it’s already peeled?

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Sometimes, we peel more ginger more than we need. Before you press the panic button because you don’t know how to store ginger root while you don’t want to throw them away, here’s the tip: Preserve the extra pieces in a small glass jar.

After putting them in a jar, add vodka or sherry until they’re completely covered. With this method, your ginger should last for several weeks. How do we know when it’s not fresh anymore? If you can see the alcohol starts to look cloudy, it’s an indication that bacteria or mold may be present.

4. How to store ginger root by freezing it

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You can also use the freezing method to store the ginger, and this will make your ginger lasts for a very long time. First, make sure that the ginger root still has the peel on. Then, place it in a freezer bag or another freezer-safe container to protect it from freezer burn.

With this method, whenever you need fresh ginger to make foods, you can just pull the ginger out and grate the amount you need. Return the rest of the ginger root and store it again in the freezer. Frozen ginger is easier to peel as well, so there’s no need to thaw it first.

5. Planting ginger root in a pot

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Besides storing ginger, why don’t you try to grow your own ginger at home for a never-ending supply? You can plant a ginger root in a small pot and then place it on the windowsill. It will grow shoots and leaves just like other houseplants.

This way, whenever you need ginger, you can just lift the plant and cut off a piece of the root. After that, you can return it to the pot. You might wonder if it won't make the ginger unhealthy or even rot, and the answer is no, it won't! As long as you’re persistent in watering the plant, you’ll never run out of them.

That’s all about how to store ginger root in many methods! Choose any method that suits your situation the best. With these methods, we hope your ginger lasts long so you don’t have to throw them out!


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