How to Strum a Ukulele: An Easy Guide for Beginners!

How to Strum a Ukulele: An Easy Guide for Beginners!
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SHARE - If you love watching song cover videos on Youtube, you probably crossed with at least one cover video where the singer is using a ukulele as the instrument. Yes, ukulele is a stringed instrument that is a lot easier to learn than a guitar and many other similar instruments like mandolin.

It’s small, cute, and very practical for people who want to begin to learn stringed instruments. Ukulele is easier to learn because it only has 4 strings instead of 6. Not to mention that the strings are gentler compared to guitars, it won't hurt your finger.

If you’ve tried playing guitar and thought that your hands or fingers are too short to reach the notes, you should give a try on playing ukulele! It generally has a more joyful tone so it’s fun to use when you’re hanging out with your friends.

If you already have your ukulele with you and wish that you could start learning, there are many things that you can start with, such as tuning your ukulele, learning the notes, and also strumming. In this article, Tripboba will guide you on how to strum a Ukulele so you’ll get those crisp and joyful sound. Scroll down!

1. How to strum a ukulele: the basic

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There are some tips you can use on how to strum a ukulele. First, make sure that your fist is loose and relaxed. Do the strumming with your right hand’s index finger, fingernail facing down. In this position, your nail will hit the strings when you strum down and the fleshy tip of your finger will hit the strings when you strum up.
Keep in mind to move your wrist only when strumming instead of your whole hand, as using your whole hand may get you tired quickly. That being said, you should move your wrist up and down instead of your elbow.

2. How to strum a ukulele: the correct spot

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There are many types of ukulele and thus, their sweet spot is different from each other. Generally, the sweet spot on a ukulele is where the neck of your ukulele meets the body. For soprano ukuleles, the spot is around where the neck of the uke meets the body.

For larger ukes, the sweet spot is between the sound hole and the end of the uke’s body. That being said, you should experiment with your uke by trying to strum on a different area and see which one feels right to you.

3. How to strum a ukulele: strumming notation

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When you watch ukulele tutorials or ukulele covers on youtube, you’ll notice that sometimes the ukulele player is giving you the strumming pattern of how they play. Here is strumming notations used by ukulele players and what it means:

d = down strum
u = up strum
- = pause strum. It means that you shouldn’t hit the strings while moving your hand either up or down
X = a chnk. Use the underside of your hand lads while strumming down to create a ‘chnk’ sound.
(d) or (u) = strum up/down, but muted. You should strum as usual but make your fretting fingers resting on all the strings so it would stop ringing. It almost sounds like a chnk.
d or u = when you see the strumming notations in bold, it means the strum is emphasized.

4. How to strum a ukulele: extra tips

Unsplash - Photo by Raquel Moss

While making your hand more relaxed as you practice your strumming, you may want to apply some tips on strumming as well. First, you can attach your thumb to your index finger to make the strumming even steadier. It also gives extra strumming support.
You can also start simply my missing some strumming patterns. Some songs let you start easy for the strumming. For example, you can try the famous “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion with the strumming pattern always down and slow. This will give you a general overview of timing with practicing.

You may also look for a strumming pattern on websites or Youtube videos. In fact, there is no single correct strumming pattern for a song. That being said, the strumming pattern someone gives to you is their version only, and you can always improve or find your own strumming pattern so that it sounds right to you. The more you practice strumming, the more familiar you will become with strumming patterns.
That’s all about how to strum a ukulele! Hopefully, these tips can be useful for you and you’ll be able to play your favorite songs on ukulele. Good luck practicing!


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