How to Swallow a Pill Easily: 15 Tips and Tricks to Try

How to Swallow a Pill Easily: 15 Tips and Tricks to Try
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SHARE - Swallowing a pill is a nightmare for many people. Whether it’s because of the fear of choking, dry mouth, or difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia).

Besides, pills don’t taste good and sometimes they’re difficult to swallow because of the size. Even adults sometimes find it hard to swallow a pill. So, it’s important to learn how to swallow a pill, it’s even better if you learn it from a young age.

Taking a prescribed pill just sounds impossible for some. Not to mention kids who are having their medicine the first time, swallowing something without chewing them first must be a foreign concept and there’s a chance that they don’t understand what to do.

If you’re one of the people who can’t swallow pills easily, don’t worry because you’re not alone. First of all, don’t crush your pills and adding them to food without consulting your doctor in advance. What you need to do is find out the easiest way of how to make the pill pass your throat without choking or puking.

Not only humans but sometimes your pets are also required to take some pills for their medication. So, in this article, Tripboba will share the steps and tips on how to swallow a pill easily. Learn how to swallow a pill by following the instructions in this article!

How to Swallow a Pill Easily

How to Swallow a Pill Easily
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1. Drink a lot of water

This is probably too obvious, but drinking a lot of water is the most popular tip on how to swallow a pill. It can actually help you to swallow your medication.

Try to practice gulping down a lot of water before you’re actually swallowing the pills while imagining that you’re actually doing it. This will also make your throat more relaxed.

After drinking water, try to swallow your pills for real and then drink a lot of water to make the pill get down with it. If you gag, carefully remove the pills and dry it off with a paper towel so it doesn’t dissolve. Take a short rest and you can try again.

2. Lean forward while swallowing the pill

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This method of how to swallow a pill is quite effective to help people who can’t swallow it easily. You can begin with positioning your chin upwards and shoulders back as you place the pill in your mouth. Take a medium-sized sip of water. Then, tilt your head forward quickly while you swallow the pill.

3. Use a pop bottle

This method on how to swallow a pill will work great if you’re consuming dense tablets instead of capsules. It's because capsules have air inside and weigh less than water. To use this method, you would need a bottle with a narrow opening, filled full of water.

Place the pill on your tongue and then bring the water bottle to your mouth. Close your lips around the bottle’s opening. Then, use the pressure on the water bottle’s narrow opening to force water down your throat as you swallow the pill.

4. Use a straw

Using a straw is a method of how to swallow a pill by distracting your mind. You can do this method by putting the pill inside the straw and then put your lips sealing the straw, and then suck up the liquid you’re trying to drink. You can also find specialized medication straws to make you swallow the pills even easier.

How to Swallow a Pill Without Water

How to Swallow a Pill Without Water
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

5. Place it inside of soft food

It’s true that not all pills can be buried in other foods as it will reduce the effectiveness of the pill. But, if you have consulted with your doctor and they gave you a green light, you can place your pill on a teaspoon, buried under applesauce or pudding. This method of how to swallow a pill will trick your brain to swallow the pill more easily.

6. Coat the pill with a gel

This trick may allow you to swallow a pill easily as the lubricant improves the taste of the pill and reduce the discomfort as it slides down to through the throat more. You can coat the pill with lubricant gel before putting it in your mouth.

7. Using pill-swallowing cup

You can find pill-swallowing cups easily at pharmacies. These cups are designed to have a special top that will extend toward the back of your throat.

This method is great if you have time-released and coated pills, so you will swallow the pill as it is without mixing it with anything else. But, this method isn’t recommended for people with dysphagia since there may be a risk of choking.

8. Use spray on lubricant

Different from the previous tip, this tip of how to swallow a pill by using spray on lubricant allows you to spray the lubricant not on the pill, but in your mouth. This is helpful if you have a health condition that makes it hard for you to swallow, or if a pill has gotten stuck in your esophagus before.

Spray on lubricants also has flavors in them so it will be great for kids. To use this method, you can spray the lubricants in 2 pushes in your mouth first and then insert the pill. After that, swallow the pill with water.

How to Teach a Child to Swallow a Pill

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Children often don’t want to take pills because its bitter taste. Sometimes, the size of the pills also makes it difficult for children to swallow. These tips might be able to help you teach your children how to swallow a pill. 

1. Ask them if they want to learn to swallow a pill.

2. Once they agree, start practicing swallowing a pill with pill-sized candy. You can start from the smallest size, such as sprinkles, and move gradually to a bigger candy.

3. Encourage your children to keep practicing and tell them it’s okay if they’re not able to swallow a bigger pill on the first try.

4. While your children practicing, also give them an understanding that candy is not medicine and medicine should only be taken if a doctor allows it.

5. Be patient, it can take weeks for your children to progress and finally be able to swallow pills well.

How to Get a Dog to Swallow a Pill

How to Get a Dog to Swallow a Pill
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Making a dog swallow a pill can be challenging. Here’s the way on how to swallow a pill for a dog that hopefully can help you. 

Step 1. Get your dog’s favorite treats, such as a hot dog, chicken, peanut butter, or cheese, and cut them into small pieces.

Step 2. Insert the pill into the treats so that your dog is willing to swallow the pill.

Step 3. Give the treat that doesn’t contain a pill to your dog first, then followed by the treat that has been inserted with the pill, and give your dog the last piece of a treat as a reward.

Step 4. If you still can’t get your dog to swallow a pill, you can find some commercially available products, such as a pill pocket, to help your dog swallow a pill.

Step 5. When it still doesn’t work, you can try the last resort, which is by directly putting the pill in your dog’s mouth, place the pill on the far back of the tongue, and rub the bottom of your dog’s chin to help make them swallow. If you see your dog sticks its tongue out, then it means the pill is already swallowed. 

How to Get a Cat to Swallow a Pill

Getting a cat to swallow a pill is a little bit similar to getting a dog to swallow a pill. Below is the step-by-step instruction on how to swallow a pill for a cat. 

Step 1. Place your cat in a space that is comfortable for them. If your cat can’t sit still, you can wrap them in a blanket and make a cat burrito to make it easier for you when getting him to swallow the pill.

Step 2. Hold your cat by the cheekbones using your non-dominant hand and lift your cat’s head up. Make sure your hand stays behind your cat’s mouse so they won’t be able to bite you.

Step 3. Use your index fingers to open your cat’s mouth. Make sure you place your index fingers away from the teeth so your cat can’t bite you.

Step 4. Place the pill in the back of your cat’s throat, close your cat’s mouth up, and get your cat to swallow. If your cat doesn’t swallow right away, you can gently blow on its face or rub its chin.

So, those are some tricks and tips on how to swallow a pill. It can be difficult on the first try, but once you master making your pets and teaching your children how to swallow a pill, there will not be many obstacles when you’re giving them pills again in the future. Hope it helps! 


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