How to Sync Xbox One Controller: An Easy and Quick Tutorial for You!

Dec 02, 2020 12:36 AM

Photo by Marko Deichmann from Pixabay.
SHARE - With the rising popularity of Xbox, come technical questions from users about how to use this gaming console. One of the most frequent questions asked is how to sync Xbox One controller. No wonder people ask this question, as there are two types of controllers now for Xbox: wired and wireless controllers. 

The answer to this question also varies, depending on your budget and how far away you sit from your console. To put it simply, it depends on what type of controller you have. Wireless controllers are more expensive compared to wired controllers – it costs about twice as much as the wired controllers, but it allows you to sit farther away from Xbox One consoles.

Many gamers also claimed that wired controllers eliminate lag time that one can experience with wireless hardware (sometimes called input lag).

That being said, the way you connect each type is different. No worries, Tripboba has the tutorial to help you syncing your controller to the Xbox One console. Scroll down to find out how to sync Xbox One controller!

How to Sync Xbox One Wireless Controller 

Photo by VanDulti from Pixabay.

To sync wireless controllers to Xbox One console is pretty much a piece of cake, once you know how to do it! There are two methods to connect a wireless Xbox One controller to the console. The first is using a micro USB cable and the second one is using nothing but the sync button.

Here’s the tutorial on how to sync Xbox One controller for the wireless ones using microUSD:

Step 1. Prepare the micro USB cable. If you have any device aside from an iPhone that uses a USB cable, it’s probably a micro USB cable.

Step 2. Plug the small end of the cable into the slot on the back of the controller, and then the USB plug into the port on the console. 

Step 3. Wait for a few seconds until the Xbox button on the controller and console both lit up solidly. When it happens, it means that you’re synced. 

Step 4. You can unplug the controller and use it wirelessly. 

If you don’t have any micro USB, here’s the tutorial on how to sync Xbox One controller!

Step 1. Press and hold the sync button on your controller. For the original Xbox One console, the sync button is on the side, rectangle-shaped with the symbol of the curved line.

Step 2. After the Xbox button starts flashing, press the corresponding sync button on the console. 

Step 3. After both of the Xbox symbols are lit up solid, you’re ready to play!


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