How to Talk to Girls: 7 Useful Tips to Start a Conversation with Girls

How to Talk to Girls: 7 Useful Tips to Start a Conversation with Girls
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SHARE - Starting a conversation is one of the most important things to do in the very first place when you meet a new person. If you’re a man who is seeking for a friend to talk with during this pandemic, there’s plenty of online platform you can hop into such as Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

When you have found one that feels good, then the next question is how to talk to girls? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by men because it is slightly easy for some men, yet the rest find it hard.

So, how to talk to girls? Tripboba will share with you 7 tips of how to talk to girls on any occasion for your best shot. You may come to a party or just bumped into a bar. You see an attractive girl and you want to talk to her but it feels like your head in the dead end. So, these useful tips might work on you. Let’s jump into it!

4 Magic Steps How to Talk to Girls at Bars

4 Magic Steps How to Talk to Girls at Bars
How to Talk to Girls - Photo by Brooke Cagle from Unsplash

You must be meeting lots of people at the bar. Just in case you find an attractive girl, these tips on how to talk to girls will be very useful. So, let's get started!

1. Be Cool and Relax

How to talk to girls if you feel inferior and nervous in front of them? Your insecurity and nervousness will make you run out of words and forget all the chat topics that you have planned.

The best way to be confident in front of girls is to make sure you are the best version of yourself, you have to show yourself as well as possible. Look at yourself in the mirror, are you able to make yourself fall in love with yourself or not.

If you can fall in love with your appearance, it will make it easier for you to attract other people to you. So, be confident and be yourself!

2. Start a Conversation with a Topic that Girls Like

After you have made sure that you are confident, you have to start your chat with topics that girls like, including of course about themselves, fashion, news, gossip, hobbies, or work. Or you can also talk about emotional topics about her, such as her childhood dreams, memories of her school days, dreams of the future, or the environment she works or lives in.

Take a look at the body language and the response given, if she always responds to your every question enthusiastically, this is a sign that she likes the topic you are chatting with. But if she doesn't respond, you can give her time to find other chat topics, don't just keep looking for chat topic, also give her the opportunity to search for chat topics.

Just keep it smooth!

How to Talk to Girls at a Bar

3. Don't Ask Too Many Questions

You can chat about fun topics and she also looks enthusiastic and always responds to your questions. But don't keep asking questions, give girls the opportunity to ask something about yourself. You're not doing a job interview by constantly asking her questions.

By giving her the opportunity to ask something about you also makes her interested and curious about your life or not. Don't let you make the impression that you are too chasing it because it's always you who ask. Let her also think and ask something about you.

You can find out if she is interested and curious about you or not from the questions she gives. If she's really interested and curious about you, she will definitely start asking you something. But if she is not, you better stop your efforts to approach her. Nothing to lose!

4. Be a Good Listener

When girls seem enthusiastic by always asking about you, they will be even more excited to tell you about themselves, when you can turn all the questions on you for her.

She will surely be eager to share all her life experiences with you. And when women tell long stories about themselves and their lives, what you do is BE A GOOD LISTENER. Listen to what she tells you by occasionally giving a nod response as a sign that you are listening.

When you can be a good listener, girls will be impressed by your sympathy that you care for them. Don't ever cut a girl's story, you can only divert it if you have the same story as her experience.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties: 3 Useful Ways to Attract a Girl

How to Talk to Girls at Parties: 3 Useful Ways to Attract a Girl
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Another place you can encounter attractive girls is a party. It could be a friend’s birthday party or anything. In this situation, you should dress yourself up as good as possible.

Who knows you meet your soulmate there? Well, these are 3 tips on how to talk to girls at a party, which are the continuance of the previous tips. You can combine them and suit yourself!

1. Tell a Fun Story to Make ‘em Laugh

By making a girl laugh, you can make her feel more comfortable with you and open up more because it turns out that you are a fun person to chat with. Making a girl laugh doesn't have to be with funny jokes, you can also make her laugh by sharing your silly experiences, giving her weird calls, or mimicking what she did. But make sure you don't include ridicule, sarcasm, humiliate yourself or you will come across as stupid.

If you are not a humorous man, there are many ways you can do it, you can learn from the internet like this article. You can learn from your friends the latest jokes. Even if the joke you give doesn't make her laugh, don't feel down or fail.

It doesn't matter what important you have tried, and women will definitely appreciate your effort. She will not insult you just because the jokes you make are not funny, instead, an understanding woman will help you to cheer you up, not put you down.

2. Read Their Characters

After you chat long enough with her, you will be able to deduce some of her characters from the way she acts and tells stories. So, you can confirm your conclusion by asking her if she has always been the passionate, talkative, active, and intelligent woman you can see from her stories, or did she become like that just to impress you?

Girls are very happy when you talk about them, especially about their characters. If what you ask exactly matches her character, she will be impressed by the way you analyze and understand her character.

It turns out that you are a caring person and really listen to the story. And even if she denies it doesn't matter, you can just say, “Usually my guess never misses, at least you are ashamed to admit it, right?” Let her continue to dodge, it could be another long topic, she can tell what her real self is like.

How to Talk to Girls at a Party

3. Don’t Give Too Much Compliment 

Usually, you will always give compliments to the girl you are approaching, but a wise man’s advice is you should lessen praise for her and put yourself higher. But don't be seemed to be narcissistic, give yourself excessive praise, otherwise, she will be feeling gross.

When you give her too much compliment, she will think you have other motives for approaching her, and she must have gotten compliments from other guys A LOT. So, if you don't want to be judged the same as other guys, don't do the same with them. You can taunt her, not her appearance, make up or physique, but her character. The essence and the most important thing you have to do is to be a man who is confident when approaching a girl.

Those are 7 tips on how to talk to girls that you should know as a man. Each tip has its essence and point where you are urged to be confident and be yourself. That confidence includes everything from your appearance, the quality of your character, and the way you approach girls. Don't let yourself be confident in your appearance only. 

Your appearance and your attitude don't show you are a quality man, your appearance is not enough. You have to show the qualities of your character to make women stick with you. The character qualities of a man who has guts, is honest, rational, and can lead. So, keep these tips of how to talk to girls in your mind and practice it right after! Good luck!


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