How to Tell if Pearls are Real: Tricks to Check if Yours is the Original One!

Jun 29, 2020 04:00 PM

Pearls - Photo by TheAnnAnn from Pixabay
SHARE - If you happen to be a collector of beautiful jewelry, do not miss the chance to learn about different types of pearls and the method on how to tell if pearls are real. If you want to know more about pearls, this is a good chance to do it.

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Tripboba will show you easy methods on how to tell if pearls are real, so you will not get the fake one. Please stay tuned to the very end of this article on how to tell if pearls are real.

Pearls are known for their beauty and this type of jewelry has become a symbol of purity for centuries. Not only pretty, but pearls are also considered as a classic and contemporary type of jewelry that collectors want to collect.

There are many types of pearls being sold at the market such as natural pearls, cultured pearls, saltwater pearls, freshwater salt, and also imitation pearls. The most wasted pearls in this world are the natural pearls.

The beauty of nature pearl's making is awesome, so it creates the most beautiful pearls to be used as jewelry. But, natural pearls are so rare and hard to get. So, it is important to discover the tricks on how to tell if pearls are real.

This way, you will not get the fake one and get disappointed instead. Take close attention to the tricks that will be presented by Tripboba down below on how to tell if pearls are real by following the easy steps.

To check if your pearls are real or fake, you can also check for a healthy and sharp luster. It should have a bright and clear luster that makes the pearls looking so pretty when you shine lights on them.

The real pearls will show your reflection if you look closely at the pearls. Check also if your pearls have overtone or not. The real natural pearls usually have subtle overtone color on it when the lights hit them.

Step 1. Take your pearls jewelry and the rub lightly against each other. If your pearls are real, you should be able to feel the sensation of friction when you rub them. 

Step 2. After rubbing it to each other lightly, you should check on your hand if there is a fine powdery white residue left on your hand. If you get it on your hand, then this is a sign that yours are real.

Step 3. You can also try to check if your pearls are real or not using your teeth. Take a pearl and rub it against your front teeth. You should feel a slightly rough or gritty texture that is happening from the tiny scale-like imperfections that contain on the surface of the natural pearls.

Step 4. If your pearls show signs as mentioned in the 3 points above, then you can be happy because yours might be the real one.

That is all the tricks and steps on how to tell if pearls are real and all the things that you should know about it. Do you think this article is helpful to you? Don't forget to follow the steps on how to tell if pearls are real to make sure that yours is the original one! Good luck with pearls-checking!


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