How to Train Your Dragon Toys and Where to Buy Them

How to Train Your Dragon Toys and Where to Buy Them
Toothless Figure - Photo by Gamaliel Espinoza Macedo from Flickr
SHARE - After the success of the film with the same title, How to Train Your Dragon, the toys related to the film are popular among the toys collector. The film character called Toothless is capturing the viewer's heart with a cute appearance. The film 'How to Train Your Dragon' is a story of Hiccup which is a Norse teenager. Hiccup comes from an island called Berk, where it is a way of life to fight a dragon on the island. This film serves a good animation with a touch of humor.

How to Train Your Dragon was released on March 26, 2010. This film produced by DreamWorks Animation has reached USD 494.9 million since the premier. How to Train your Dragon to become one of the box office movies all over the world, no wonder that the toys related to the movie are wanted by the fans. Are you one of How to Train Your Dragon's fans?

Then, you should complete your toy collection as soon as possible. Here is the How to Train Your Dragon toys and where to buy them that Tripboba has compiled just for you. Keep scrolling to the end to find out where to buy How to Train Your Dragon toys and complete your collection!

There are many toys available related to the 'How to Train Your Dragon' movie. It has diverse variants from a cute plush doll to the action figures that represent the creature from the movie. If you head over heels to the movie, maybe one of these How to Train Your Dragon toys is the best purchase for you to add to your collection list. 

Some of the toy collections are Two-Pack Toothless & Night Fury Plush, Toothless & Hiccup Figures, Dreamworks Dragons Action Figures (7 Pack), Stormfly & Astrid Figures, Toothless Figure with Moving Parts, Deluxe Toothless Plush 14", and many more to add to your 'How to Train Your Dragon' toys.

1. How to Train Your Dragon Toys Walmart

Walmart - Photo by Mike Mozart  from Flickr

One shop that sells 'How to Train Your Dragon' toys is Walmart. The toys collection on Walmart's website is pretty complete and it is various in model and kind. From 'How to Train Your Dragon' Toothless 16" Stuffed Animal Plush Toy which costs USD 23.99 to the Toothless Deluxe Dragon with Lights and Sounds which cost USD 12.97 is available in Walmart.

If you are planning on getting 'How To Train Your Dragon' toys from Walmart, here are the things you need to do.

1. Open from your browser. Login using username and password that you have, if you don't have an account, make sure to make your Walmart account first.

2. Find the toys you want to purchase using the Search Bar. You can also use the navigation bar that is available on the left side of the home screen.

3. Add the 'How to Train Your Dragon' toys that you wish to buy to the cart.

4. Then, select "View Cart" to review the items that you add.

5. Edit the quantities if it is needed. You can also save them for future purchases on your cart.

6. Now, you need to "Check Out" the item you wish to buy.

7. Select the address for the shipping process. You can use the saved shipping address that you have on your account, or adding the new one.

8. Choose the option of whether you will pick up the item on the nearby Walmart store or having it ship.

9. Select the payment method, and then click "Place Order" to finish up your order.

2. How to Train Your Dragon Toys Target

Target - Photo by Mike Mozart  from Flickr

Another shop to buy 'How to Train Your Dragon' toys is Target. You can come directly to the shop or buy it online through the website and app. If you wish to buy them online with the "Order Pickup" option, here are the steps you need to follow to purchase items from Target.

1. Find the toys you want to buy.

2. Then, select the "Pick It Up" or "Ship to Store". The items are available from the pickup after 4 hours payment is successful.

3. Pick the nearest store to pick up your toys.

4. Next, you need to check out and submit the order. Finish your payments and you will get a notification for pickup your item in the store.

5. Lastly, you need to go to the store that you have chosen to pick up the toys.

3. How to Train Your Dragon Toys Amazon

Amazon - Photo by Claudio Toledo from Flickr

You can also get the How to Train Your Dragon toys from Amazon. All you need to do to get the toys that you want from Amazon are as follows.

1. Open the Amazon Shopping App, then visit the page that includes the detail of the item you wish to buy.

2. Click "Add to Cart".

3. Next, select the Shopping Cart icon. Review the product that you will buy, you can edit the item before doing the payment.

4. Then, tap "Proceed to Checkout" and you need to follow the instruction that is available on the screen.

5. Check once again on the item and if you already satisfied with it, tap the "Place Your Order" and then complete your purchase.

Yay! Now that you already know where to buy the How to Train Your Dragon toys, go grab yours too!


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