How to Unblock Someone on Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

Oct 16, 2020 03:45 PM

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SHARE - Instagram is one of the most popular social media where you can post pictures, videos, music, to your followers. Well, as long as it doesn’t violate Instagram’s community guidelines! Instagram is where you can connect with your favorite actors or singers, follow a hashtag, send people direct messages, try out cute filters, and many more!

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But sometimes, Instagram posts can be toxic too. When you just want to wind off from your tiring day but the next thing you see is something you don’t like. Whether it's rude posts, comments, or someone you hate.

Well, Instagram provides this one feature that allows its users to block an account. It's really easy that you might accidentally block someone you shouldn't block. That will be a disaster that could make misunderstandings.

What to do about it? You must be wondering how to unblock someone on Instagram? No more worries, because we will share with you a step by step guide on how to unblock someone on Instagram!

Without further ado, let's learn together how to unblock someone on Instagram with Tripboba!

1. How to Unblock Someone on Instagram 2019

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Unblocking someone on Instagram is very easy. You just need to do a few taps and you’re done!. Here’s how to unblock someone on Instagram step by step.

Step 1. Open the Instagram application on your phone. 

Step 2. Tap the profile icon. Next, go to the Menu icon at the top right corner (the icon is three vertical dots on the corner).  

Step 3. From the sidebar that shows up on the right, click 'Settings' on the bottom right corner. Now, you will see some options. 

Step 4. Click on "Privacy" and scroll down until you find the "Blocked Accounts" option. It's where the blocked list will appear.

Step 5. Lastly, just choose which account you want to unblock. And that ends the tutorial on how to unblock someone on Instagram! It is so easy, right?

Now that you know how to unblock on Instagram, you need to know that the account you unblock will be able to see your profile, and so do you. 

It means they can see your posts and your Instagram stories. But, it will be avoided if your account is on private. It's because they have to follow you first in order to see your profile. 

However, they can still send a direct message to your account, though it will be directed to the requested message.

2. How to Unblock Someone on Instagram If You Can't Find Them?

Photo by Maria Raquel from Pixabay

How to unblock someone on Instagram if you can't find them? The only thing you can do about this is to follow the first tutorial.

Go to the blocked list because it's where you can see all the users who are blocked by you. It's the only way you can unblock someone whom you don't remember the account.

But if you still can't find them, it might be because the account is no longer active or they deactivate their account.

3. How to Unblock Someone on Instagram on Computer

If you wonder how to unblock someone on Instagram when your account is logged in on your PC, look no more! But first, make sure you know the username of the account you want to unblock.

Here are some easy steps you can follow.

Step 1. Type on your web browser. In the "search" column, type the username you want to unblock. Press enter. It will send you to the referred Instagram account.

Step 2. You will see the "unblock" option. Click on it and done! You've just unblocked someone on Instagram through your computer!


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