3 Ways How to Uninstall Discord Manually Without Third-party Programs

Oct 07, 2020 11:20 PM

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Tripboba.com - If you love video gaming, then Discord must be like your second go-to app to connect with your fellow gamers after your favorite game app.

Discord is a proprietary freeware instant messaging and VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities ranging from gamers to education and businesses.

That’s why, although it’s initially used by gamers, a lot of people use Discord to interact in forums with different themes. But, if you prefer another program and are trying to uninstall Discord or fully reinstall it, then you can follow our complete tutorials on how to uninstall Discord.

How to Completely Uninstall Discord

1. How to uninstall Discord on Windows 10

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Before getting down to learning how to uninstall Discord, it’s important to understand that Discord automatically goes into Windows 10 startup after installation.

First, let’s disable its auto-run via the app settings as well as the Windows operating system. Through the Discord settings, go to User Settings and open the Windows Settings tab, where under Startup Behavior turn off Open Discord.

You can also uninstall the program through Windows settings by using the Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to go to the Startup tab. Then, highlight Discord and click Disable.

Now, let’s learn how to uninstall Discord completely on your Windows 10 computer with the following steps:

Step 1. Open Start > Settings > System > Apps & Features. Look for Discord, then click Delete and confirm the deletion. This way, you have completely removed Discord from the computer in the background mode. In case you’re using the earlier version of Windows, you can use the classic control panel to uninstall Discord similar to the mentioned one.

Step 2. Since some tails of the program still remain in the system, let’s clean the location of the program remnants. Open the Explorer; in the View tab, select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option. Go to the C:\Users\username\AppData location and delete the following folders along the way: Local\Discord and Roaming\Discord.

Step 3. After installing and using any program, the registry entries are entered. You’ll need to remove these residual files, too. Open the registry editor by pressing Win+R, typing regedit and then pressing OK. Select File > Export > Entire Registry to create a backup copy of the registry. Specify the save location, filename and .reg format, and then click Save. Look for the right registry entries by pressing Ctrl+F, typing Discord in the search box, then pressing OK. Lastly, delete the items.

2. How to uninstall Discord Mac

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If you’re using Mac, follow this tutorial to learn how to uninstall Discord completely from the system:

Step 1. First, end the Discord process by hovering your cursor on the app, right click on the icon, then press Quit.

Step 2. Using Finder, go to Applications to locate the Discord app. Delete it by selecting and dragging the app to Trash. You can also right-click it and Move to Trash.

Step 3. As there are some remaining files related to Discord, such as the service and cache files, we’re going to completely remove them. Open the Finder app. From the menu bar above select Go → Go to Folder…. In the column that shows up, type ~/Library. In the ~/Library folder, you’ll find some of the related files. Here is a list of places where they are usually located:

  • ~/Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/Caches
  • ~/Library/Preferences
  • ~/Library/Logs

3. How to uninstall Better Discord

Better Discord is an enhancement module for the original app that comes with custom themes, plugins, emotes, and even display modes. Users may love the fancy features, but if you prefer the standard program, you might wonder how to uninstall Discord of this kind.

Unfortunately, there is no known way of removing Better Discord without completely uninstalling the original app and taking all the folders out to Trash. This is because Better Discord is automatically installed to the app launch file when you install it.

If you want to delete this modified version of Discord, you’d need to remove any associated files to Discord and do a fresh install. You can uninstall it using the manual methods above to see how you can uninstall the program and go through the designated folder containing the cached files to delete them manually.

If any of these manual methods are too hard to follow, you can always opt for third-party programs in order to fully uninstall Discord or other apps from your device.


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