How to Use a Can Opener: Here are the Ways to Open it Safely

How to Use a Can Opener: Here are the Ways to Open it Safely
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SHARE - A can opener is an essential kitchen device, whether it's an electric ledge model or the manual handheld type. Electric can openers are helpful and require little effort to be used. But, at the same time, it's important to realize how to use a manual can opener when the power turns off.

This guide below will show you how to use a can opener that you keep in a cabinet with other kitchen tools. Check these highlights out!

How to Use a Manual Can Opener

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1. The first step of how to use a can opener is that you should know the components of a can opener. Despite the fact that it might seem a basic device, it's really included three distinctive machine devices. The two long arms that brace onto the side of the can are the levers.

Meanwhile, the handle that is used to turn the can includes an axle and a wheel. Finally, the round wheel that cuts into a can is known as a wedge.
The tin can was invented in the mid-1800s by an Englishman. It required some expertise to open it, and people typically used rocks, knives, or chisels to work their way into it. Lastly, the can opener was invented in 1858, and the task turned into easier work.

2. The second step of how to use a can opener is opening the arms of the can opener. Put the metal tooth (the wedge) on the lip of the can. It will automatically adjust the wheel of the opener to where it should be.

Strongly squeeze the arms together. With some practices, you'll have the option to tell when it's right. Until you get its hang, you may need to do it a few times.

3. The third way of how to use a can opener is to begin turning the handle when it fits safely. Otherwise, it could take off the can. It is a sharp object, so you need to be cautious. It starts to rotate the wheel below after that cuts into the can.

4. After that, the next way of how to use a can opener is to work your way around the edge of the can as you turn the handle. This activity pierces the seal, cutting into the can as it moves around the edge of the top.

When it has gone right around, the lid will normally separate from the opener. Cautiously discard the cut lid. Congrats! You have done the ways of how to use a can opener! Now, you can enjoy the contents of the can you’ve just opened.

How to Use an Electric Can Opener

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After knowing the ways of how to use a can opener (a manual can opener), you should know how to use a can opener electric. Here’s the ways you can apply:

1. Lift the cutter head up. Put the can against its back-top part of it. Position the lip of the can between the wheel and the cutting device.
2. Press the cutter head down when the can is in the correct position. It will set the opener into movement. It will start to rotate the can. Hold it as it turns to keep it from tipping.
3. Enable the opener's magnet to grasp the can as it's slicing through. It will make the lid somewhat raise up. When the lid of the can is totally cut, lift the top of the cutter head. Cautiously separate the can from the opener.
4. Disengage the lid of the can from the opener's magnet. Grab hold it between your two fingers as opposed to pressing the cut part against your fingers. Discard the lid. Now, you can enjoy the can’s contents!

How to Use a Church Key Can Opener

A church-key can opener is a hand-worked opener. At first, it is used to pry open the crown cork of glass bottles. Besides, it is used to open flat top beer cans. It is made using a single component of pressed metal and comprises a sharp edge that is utilized to pierce the lid of the can.

How to use a church key can opener: grasp the can with your left hand, secure the guard at the edge of the can. Then, cut it using the sharp edge of the opener. Lifting the opener with a fast and strong move will tear a piece of the can, giving you access to spill out the contents.


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