6 Ways How to Use a Diffuser, for Any Kind of Diffuser!

Apr 14, 2021 04:00 PM

Image from Dabid Cameron via Flickr

Tripboba.com - What is a diffuser and how to use a diffuser? A diffuser fixture is designed to disperse a blow dryer's airflow and spread it over a larger area. The diffuser is used primarily with curly hair because the dispersed air does not disturb the wave pattern of the hair or cause frizz while drying.

A diffuser is, in the broadest terms, a device spreading something over a wide area. It takes the pleasant smelling, therapeutic essential oils, and spreads (diffuses) them throughout your home or workplace, in the case of a diffuser for essential oils.

If you don’t know how to use a diffuser, you don’t need to worry! Here, Tripboba will give a simple guide on how to use a diffuser, any kind of diffuser. So, check them out!

How to Use a Oil Diffuser

How to Use a Diffuser - Photo by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay

Step 1. Choose an open area with a solid surface or tabletop in a room or office. You will need a plug-in outlet. Also, since water is being used, if you are using it on a wood surface it is good to have a placemat or towel down.

Step 2. Fill your diffuser water tank with warm tap water, which is room temperature, to the water reservoir fill line until you get your spot picked up.

Step 3. 3-10 drops of essential oils are then added to the bath. You may use a single essential oil such as lavender, or a combination of essential oil.

Step 4. Place cap or diffuser top back on as required by your diffuser. Set what features you 'd like if your model has options like a night light or LED lights that change color. Turn on and enjoy the stunning scent!

How to Use a Hair Diffuser

How to Use a Diffuser - Photo by Nikolai Ulltang from Pexels

Step 1. Use your favorite styling products to soaking wet hair, then partially allow your hair to air dry before using the diffuser. Some people dry up to 75 percent before spreading, but that will depend on your choice.

Step 2. If you need to add pressure at the crown of your ear, insert duckbill video. You can find a complete tutorial on clipping here.

Step 3. Set the hairdryer to a cold, medium level. Make sure you don't over-dry your hair, as this creates frizz. Many curlies soften their hair with the heat setting on to improve the drying process, but we suggest limiting the use of heat on curls for their better wellbeing if necessary.

Step 4. When spreading, hang your head sideways or upside down, pushing parts of your curls softly into the diffuser pot.

Step 5. To get the air up to the roots, move the diffuser toward your head. Those steps on how to use a diffuser are perfect to avoid ruining your curls.

How to Use a Reed Diffuser

How to Use a Diffuser - Photo by Lyncconf Games from Pexels

Step 1. Put your diffuser in a high-transit area where the scent can spread with air circulation in the house. Another nice location is just inside the room near a door so that as you enter the room you pick up the scent.   

Step 2. For more fragrance flip the reeds. A few days you can turn a few reeds, or all the reeds every day. Keeping in mind the more reeds you turn, and the more often you turn them, the sooner the oil can evaporate.

Step 3. Exercise caution as the reeds roll. Flip the reeds into a wastebasket or drain, and make sure to rinse the vessel before putting on a delicate countertop of any fragrance oil drips.

Step 4. Use a cover or plate under the diffuser to prevent any oil drips from destroying a desirable countertop. Switch all the reeds on all your diffusers before you leave for holidays. 

Step 5. You'll be welcomed by an inviting fragrance when you return home, rather than a stale, stuffy home.

Step 6. Select a diffuser of the right size for your room. Diffusers are much like candles-the the larger the diffuser, the larger the scent, and in large rooms, they can fit well.   

Step 7. When you are buying your diffuser refill oil, clean the tank with soap and water and let it dry completely before refilling.

Step 8. Change the reeds, when you adjust the gasoline. Reeds become dusty and obstructed over time, and lose efficiency.

Step 9. Start making your own diffuser at home using a vessel you have. Buy the refill diffuser oil and a set of reeds and set them up as explained above and you're great to just go!

How to Use a Diffuser for Curly Hair

How to Use a Diffuser - Photo by Uriel Mont from Pexels

Step 1. The very first step on how to use a diffuser for curly hair is finding the best diffuser which suitable with the characteristic of your hair since there is a lot of a diffuser which has a low power which suitable for a thin hair. We are strongly recommended for you to get the one with bogger power if you have thick and really long hair because it will cut off the time.

Step 2. The best way to dry your hair with a diffuser is when it is half of the way dry, but if you are in hurry, then it is ok to skip this step since your schedule matters.

Step 3. Flip your hair from one side to the other side to make it easier for both sides to be dried at the same time. You can hold it for about 10 seconds, then slowly pull the diffuser down and move on to a separate section of hair.

Step 4. Once you have done with both sides of your hair, then flip your head upside down and continue to diffuse. It will add lots of volume to the roots.

Step 5. Repeat to do on the side to side and upside down steps until your hair is completely dry.

Step 6. After that, fluff the roots of your hair like when you do shampooing, it will help a lot to give some volume to your hair.

Step 7. To complete how to use a diffuser for curly hair, style your hair by flip your hair back, fluff up the roots, and flip it from side to side until your hair laying exactly as you desire.

How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser on Straight Hair

How to Use a Diffuser - Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Step 1. To begin the steps on how to use a diffuser on straight hair, you can start when your hair still in a wet condition, but not soaking wet.

Step 2. After that, apply your favorite product which helps you to diffuse your hair such as a heat protector, mousse to make your hair curly, or anything else.

Step 3. Use your finger to lift your roots upward and then push your hair upward into the diffuser. Scrunching your hair into the prongs and continue to dry your hair all around your head using the same process.

Step 4. To finish the process, apply a hair product to give some nutrients to your hair after the heat process. If you want to keep your hair in shape all day long, you may use hairspray.

How to Use a Diffuser Bracelet

How to Use a Diffuser - Photo by Deedster from Pixabay

Step 1. The very first thing you should do on how to use a diffuser bracelet is found the right diffuser bracelet which suitable for your style and your needs.

Step 2. Then, you need to find the right essential oil that you want to get benefits, such as to enlighten your mood up, to keep the bugs away, or anything else.

Step 3. If you think one fragrance from an essential oil is too mainstream, you can make a mixture of some essential oils. Or else, you can wear more than one diffuser bracelet, it won't ruin your style if you find the best match.

Step 4. Then, drop the essential oil on your diffuser bracelet on every bead and you can re-apply the essential oil every time you need it.


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