How to Use A Pizza Stone: Try These Essential Tips!

How to Use A Pizza Stone: Try These Essential Tips!
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A pizza stone is a big slab in a circular shape made from stone, ceramic, or salt. It is also suitable for making fresh bread, biscuits, and other items. A pizza stone is designed to cook pizza as if you were using a brick oven.

When you don't have a pizza oven, a pizza stone is an ideal option. But, many people who purchase them use them wrongly or end up damaging their stone by trying to season it or clean it wrong.

This guide will clear up some things and answer some common questions about how to use a pizza stone. So, how to use a pizza stone? Here, Tripboba is going to give you the essentials tips on how to use a pizza stone. Check them out!

1. Why Use a Pizza Stone

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Before we learn the steps on how to use a pizza stone, we'll talk about why using a pizza stone is important. Unfortunately, traditional ovens and grills were not designed for the proper cooking of pizza on their own.

All lack the initial high heat needed to make the crust crispy without overcooking the toppings. Such heat sources cook very slowly, rendering pizzas of soggy dough that are no better than a few takeovers of cardboard crust.

A pizza stone changes the game by acting as a transfer of high point heat in an oven or on the grill. The stone heats up when used properly, and retains very high temperatures. The crust will start to cook immediately once the pizza is put on the stone.

2. How to Use a Pizza Stone

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Step 1.
Placing pizza stone in a conventional oven is the first step on how to use a pizza stone. The top rack in the middle is the ideal location for cooking pizza and cookies. The middle rack in the center is the better choice for cooking bread, biscuits, and other items.

Step 2.
Always place a cold pizza stone in a hot oven, as the thermal shock will cause it to shatter. Make sure the pizza stone is never exposed to rapid temperature shifts. Placing a frozen pizza on a pizza stone is almost as likely as placing a cold stone in a hot oven to result in broken stone. Better to cook your frozen pizza straight on the rack.

Step 3.
If necessary, pre-heat the oven with the pizza stone in it.

Step 4.
The last step on how to use a pizza stone is to place the food object on the pizza block with a pizza paddle. No grease and no gasoline. You may want to add a small amount of cornmeal to help remove the pieces of bread and the pie.

To get used to it can take a bit of finesse, but a pizza paddle is a useful device, particularly for moving uncooked pizza dough onto the block. There are three different types of skins: short-handled wooden skins, long-handled wooden skins, and metal skins.

The short-handled wooden peel will probably work best for the average person cooking at home. You may even use a meal if you don't want to use cornmeal under your flour. Rice flour is a perfect way to ensure that the paddle doesn't stick to the dough.

Step 5.
Consider leaving the pizza stone in the oven, until it is completely cool. You don't have to uninstall it at all, because it will contribute to a "brick-oven effect" that helps hold your oven more uniformly and disperse heat.

You can put on the stone right on the cooking plates, pots, pans, cookie trays, and so on. Since you have got all the steps on how to use a pizza stone, now you can plan your first attempt to use your pizza stone.

3. How to Clean a Pizza Stone

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Step 1.
Try to use a brush of quartz, then hot water. Do not ruin the stone by immersing it submerged.

Step 2.
Using a quick trickle of water to wash the surface and vigorous scrubbing with the brush follows. Don't use soap.

Step 3.
Instead of baking it, dry air dry the stone as any ingested water that is pushed back of the oven will theoretically cause the stone to break. 

Step 4.
We suggest our heavy-duty pizza stone scrubber to clean extra hard-boiled on and burned parts. That's all the steps on how to make a pizza stone clean.


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