How to Whistle: 4 Easiest Tutorials to Make a Perfect Sound

Sep 25, 2020 05:00 PM

How to Whistle - Photo by Gemma Bouzas from Flickr
SHARE - Whistling is an activity of making a sound to come out from our mouth. Whistling is useful for many things in our daily life, like calling a cab, signaling birds or dogs, calling your siblings in distance, and many more.

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For some people, whistling can be an easy thing to do. But, it can be so difficult for some others. It might be because they don't know the technique, or any other reasons.

In this article, there is a variety of whistling tutorials with easy step-by-step that you can learn. Just keep reading and trying!

1. How to whistle with your fingers

How to Whistle - Photo by Felip1 from Flickr

Do you always want to know how to whistle with your fingers? Do you know that piercing loud whistle could get everyone's attention? You can also call a family member from across a crowded field by whistling.

Some people always want to know how to whistle loudly like that. So, here we will share with you a tutorial on how to whistle with your fingers. Just remember, this tutorial is easy but needs practice.

Step 1. Press the tips of the thumb and forefinger together (make an "OK" sign).

Step 2. Now, you need to press the tips of your fingers to the tip of your tongue and curl your tongue back. 

Step 3. Squeeze the corners of your mouth tight and hard against your thumb and forefinger. 

Step 4. Wrap your lips around your fingers to make the opening as small as possible. Then, blow!

2. How to whistle with your hands

How to Whistle - Photo by *Clover from Flickr

Beside whistling with your fingers, you can also use your hands to whistle. Here's the easy tutorial on how to whistle with your hands. But, always remember that this the tutorial also needs you to practice so that you can really do it right. 

Step 1. Hold your hands apart with your fingertips pointing to the ceiling and your palms facing each other. Your thumbs should also be pointing up. It will look like you are praying. Then, taking your hands apart from each other.

Step 2. Put your palms together as you turn your left hand. Move your hands towards each other as if you were clapping. Turn your left hand in such a way that your fingers point forward. When your hands are touching, the heel of your left hand (the firm part below your palm) should be against the fleshy part of your right thumb.

Step 3. Wrap your hands around one another. Now, bend your fingers so that each hand holds the other. The fingers of your right hand should curl in the space between your left thumb and your index finger and the fingers of your left hand should curl around the side of your right little finger.

Step 4. Line up your thumbs. Now, adjust your thumbs so that the insides of the two knuckles touch each other. Your thumbnails should be aligned next to the right index finger.

Step 5. Put your lips on your knuckles. Slightly part your lips (like you will say "Oooh"). Place your lips just below your knuckles. 

Step 6. Blow a steady stream of air to the very top of the slit between your thumbs. If you do it right, you will hear a whistle that sounds a little like a hooting owl or a wooden train whistle. Keep trying!

3. How to use a dog whistle

How to Whistle - Photo by Scott 97006 from Flickr

A dog whistle is a training tool that can be used to command something. It also has a piercing sound that can be heard from a long distance.

For a long time, this training tool has been used to control dogs at a distance or get your dog's attention in noisy or crowded situations. Now, let's learn about how to use a dog whistle!

Step 1. The first thing to do on how to whistle in order to control your dog is to get or buy a whistle. 

Step 2. After you get a whistle, you need to know how to blow it. You need to use your tongue to break up the sound. When you are blowing, use your tongue to close the hole in the whistle. That's how you break the sound. 

Step 3. Then, you can decide your own whistle cues, like you give a single long whistle to signal your dog to sit. Then, to signal your dog to come, you give 3 short blasts. 

Step 4. Now, transfer commands from your voice to your whistle. Firstly, give your whistle signal to sit down, such as a single long blast. Then, say the word "Sit". When the dog is sitting, give your dog a treat as a reward. 

Step 5. When your dog learns about the whistle command, leave a long gap between whistle command and spoken command.

4. How to make an acorn whistle

How to Whistle - Photo by Angela de Março from Flickr

Whistle with acorns is an easy trick to learn. It's also useful to get your friends' attention or amazement. Also, it would save your life if you are lost in the woods and need to signal rescuers or scare wildlife. Now, follow the tutorial below on how to whistle with an acorn!

Step 1. Firstly, find an acorn cap that is not cracked or deformed. The larger the acorn cap, the lower the pitch. 

Step 2. Grab the acorn cap in both your hands, between the thumb and the index finger. The inside of the cap should be facing you.

Step 3. Put your thumbs up close to the top of the acorn. The sides of your thumb knuckles should be touching each other.

Step 4. Position the acorn so that the triangle of it appears between the tops of your thumb-knuckles. Then, put your upper lip at the top of your thumb-knuckles. 

Step 5. Blow through your top lip right into the triangle you formed earlier. 


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