Learn How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft!

Learn How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft!
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Tripboba.com - In the Minecraft the player will collect resources to make several types of potions. From the resources obtained, the player will be able to process it into a potion with different benefits. Minecraft potions can also provide bonuses, buffs, or other abilities. Such as fireproof ability, fighting strength and also being able to breathe underwater. One of the most popular is night vision and how to make night vision potion?

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In this article, Tripboba will share the steps of how to make night vision potion. It is known, this magical potion can make players disappear without the appearance of the character. You can follow these steps below of how to make it and turn it into the useful potion in the game. Let’s take a look!

  • Step 1. You need a Nightvision potion to create an occult potion. As for how to make Potion of Nightvision in Minecraft, players need one Nether Wart, one Golden Carrot, and one Water Bottle.
  • Step 2. You will need a Fermented Spider Eye potion that can be obtained from combining resources. For how to make Fermented Spider Eye, you need Spider Eye, which can be obtained from Spider, Mushroom, and Sugar.
  • Step 3. You can start combining Fermented Spider Eye and Potion of Nightvision. The way to combine it is to place the Potion of Nightvision potion in one of the bottom three boxes in the Brewing Stand and the Fermented Spider Eye in the top box.
  • Step 4. By going through all the steps correctly, the player will get magical potions.

Those are the simplest steps of the first method of how to make night vision potion in Minecraft. The benefit of the magic potion can make the player disappear invisible or the Potion of Invisibility. This Potion of Invisibility potion has a weakness, namely, it is able to disappear only its character but weapons and other items can still be seen. You can check out the other methods on the next page!

How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft
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Potion of Night Vision is a potion in the Minecraft game that allows players to see more clearly in the dark, which is useful if you have activities at night or in dark places. By drinking this potion, you no longer need lighting from other tools, even the bottom of the ocean will be clearly visible, the contents of the dark cave will become bright. In this page, you will learn how to make night vision potion with stronger durability.

But pay attention to the duration because later when it runs out, everything will turn dark again, and that doesn't mean that during this potion duration monsters can't spawn, it only changes the player's vision. Let’s find out some of the steps you can do before make one!

How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft PE: Preparation Before Making Potion of Night Vision

Before going to the steps of how to make a night vision potion, you need to prepare some of the main ingredients and tools such as a Brewing Stand. Then the following ingredients:

  • Golden Carrot (Main ingredient)
  • Redstone (Increases potion duration)
  • Gunpowder (Turns potions into splash)
  • Dragon's Breath (Changes potions to lingering)

Golden Carrot is a golden carrot that you can make by mixing 1 Carrot with 8 Gold Nugget seeds. Can be eaten to fill the hunger bar and saturation point. You can make several Golden Carrots to save or eat depending on how much gold you can find. Keep in mind that Gold is one of the rare ores, if you want to get more, you can read All About Gold Ore in Minecraft.

How to Make Night Vision Potion on Minecraft

Follow the steps of how to make a night vision potion below to make a potion, make sure you don't mix the ingredients wrong because it will produce another potion.

  • Step 1. Make an Awkward Potion
  • Step 2. Mixing Golden Carrot + Awkward Potion
  • Step 3. To extend the potion duration, you need 1 Redstone Dust mixed into the potion you have made.
  • Step 4. The potion duration will increase from 3 minutes to 8 minutes after it is successfully combined, this way you will be able to use the effect longer and of course you don't have to worry about running out quickly.
  • Step 5. If you want to make a potion to be thrown, it must be changed to a splash type by mixing 1 Gunpowder into your potion.
  • Step 6. After being thrown, the potion effect will affect all people or mobs who are hit, suitable for friends gathering together before being thrown.
  • Step 7. To make potions that are thrown and last for a while in the area, you have to change the potions to lingering, by combining splash-type potions with Dragon's Breath.
  • Step 8. It can be obtained from fighting the Ender Dragon and taking the dragon's breath using a Glass Bottle.
  • Step 9. If it has been thrown, then every player or mob that walks above the throwing area will automatically be affected by the potion effect as well.

Well, those are the steps of how to make a night vision potion in Minecraft. The durability and strength of the potion you make depends on the ingredients you collected. Each item has different effect on its durability. After all, good luck!


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