3 Ways How to Print Labels from Excel With Detailed Guide!

3 Ways How to Print Labels from Excel With Detailed Guide!
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Tripboba.com - Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for small business accounting, data collection and maintenance, and managing contact information for leads and prospects.

It is a very good program for maintaining contacts and generating mail labels from a contact sheet. The spreadsheet format is useful for keeping contact information.

You may now learn how to print labels from Excel by using the mail merge functionality in conjunction with Microsoft Word. So, you want to know how to print labels from Excel in a simple way? If that's the case, you've come to the right place.

This post will show you how to print labels from Excel in the most efficient way possible. Tripboba has compiled a comprehensive tutorial on how to print labels from Excel. This tutorial on how to print labels from Excel is quite simple to follow. Here’s how to print labels from Excel!

How to Print Address Labels from Excel

Here’s how to print labels from Excel:

Step 1. In Excel, prepare the worksheet data for the mail merge. Your address list must fit the tabular form that mail merge demands before you can start the mail merging procedure.

Step 2. In Word, create the labels for the mail merge. You only have to set up the label layout once for all of the labels in the mail merge. The primary document in a mail merge is the document that you use to perform this. You can also put up any material you wish to be repeated on each label in the main label document, such as a company logo or your return address on shipping labels.

Step 3. Link the labels to the data in your worksheet. Microsoft Word uses your address list as the data source for the mail merge. It's an Excel document in this example containing the addresses that will be printed on the labels.

Step 4. Narrow down the list of people you'd like to add to the labels. For each address on your mailing list, Word creates a label. You can choose which addresses or records to include in your mailing list if you just want to generate labels for a subset of your mailing list.

Step 5. Add placeholders to the labels, also known as mail merge fields. The mail merge fields are filled with information from your address list when you do the mail merge.

Step 6. Preview the labels, complete the merging, and print them. Before printing the entire set, you can preview each label.

Step 7. Keep the labels for future use.

How to Print Mailing Labels From Excel

How to Print Mailing Labels From Excel
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A Microsoft Word mail merge can be used to send a bulk mailing to an address list that you have in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Each label on the sheet has an address from the list, and the mail merge procedure creates a sheet of mailing labels that you may print.

To make and print mailing labels, first prepare the worksheet data in Excel, then configure, organize, evaluate, and print the mailing labels in Word.

Here are some steps on how to get your data ready for a mail merge.

Step 1. Make sure the column names in your spreadsheet match the field names in your labels.

Step 2. Make sure the first page of your spreadsheet contains all of the data you want to merge.

Step 3. In the spreadsheet, the postal code data is appropriately formatted so that Word can read the values.

Step 4. On your local PC, save the Excel file that will be utilized in the mail merge.

Step 5. Make any changes or additions to your spreadsheet before connecting it to your Word mail merge document.

How to Print Labels from an Excel Spreadsheet

How to Print Labels from an Excel Spreadsheet
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Step 1. As illustrated in the diagram, the data is first organized into rows and columns, followed by the creation of headers.

Step 2. In Microsoft Word, create the mail merge document. Select the ‘Start mail merging' option from the Mailings tab; then, as indicated in the image, select the labels option.

Step 3. Transfer the labels from the Excel list to the mailing list. Pick the “Use an Existing List” option from the select participant's category on the Mailing tab.

Step 4. Place the labels in the table in the correct order. Insert the labels by placing the cursor in the first entry of the table. To do so, select the “Insert Merge Field” option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Create and print the labels. Go to the print option in the excel File Menu to print the labels.


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