How to Enchant in Minecraft: A Complete Tutorial to Level Up Your Game

How to Enchant in Minecraft: A Complete Tutorial to Level Up Your Game
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SHARE - As you know, in the Minecraft game you can add magic a.k.a. Enchanting all of our equipment to maximize the usefulness of the tool. Therefore, in this article Tripboba will explain how to enchant in Minecraft.

Before getting into the discussion, it would be nice if you know a little about what Enchants are and what they are used for. Enchantment “putting magic into things.” So, what is the use of our Enchanting Tools? Certainly strengthening, refining the tools we enchant.

What are the things that can be enchanted? The items that can be enchanted are of 3 categories are Armor, Weapons, and tools. Now the three categories have different magic. Some add damage, increase endurance, and can even make our characters stronger than before.

Well, after reading a little explanation earlier, it is time to go to the tutorial of how to enchant in Minecraft. Let's get down into it!

How to Enchant Stuff in Minecraft: What is needed for an Enchantment?

The first thing that you have to prepare before doing the enchantment is preparing lots of items! Yes, a lot! The tools needed are 3 types, namely Enchantment Table, Bookshelf, and Anvil. But of the three tools, all of them are rather difficult to find, because it takes a lot of resources. After knowing the tools needed, what they are used for, how to make them, and how many total resources are needed. Let’s find out how to enchant in Minecraft.

  • Enchantment Table

This tool is the main tool for installing the Enchantment. And the material used to make it, we must have the Diamon Pickaxe. So, my friend already has at least 5 Diamonds. Okay, as you can see drawn in the picture. You need 4 Obsidian stones, 2 Diamonds, and 1 book.

Maybe if the resource book is easy to find, but for obsidian stone at least you must have a diamond pickaxe. You also need books to make enchantment tables, and to make books you have to make paper first. If you still don't know how to make a book, please see the image below.

  • Bookshelf

Now move on to the second tool for Enchantment. Namely bookshelf or Bookshelf. In doing enchantment, bookshelves function to provide stronger results than enchantments without bookshelves. The use of bookshelves only needs to be placed around the Enchantment Table by providing a space of 1 box. And to make a bookshelf, you can see the picture below.

Now let’s go to the “Enchantment Method in Minecraft” discussion. Let’s assume that all of you already have the materials and tools needed above, well, if you are not ready, you better be diligent in mining again so that you collect the ingredients.

  • Step 1. First, you have to know how the correct layout is to get good Enchantment results because the placement of the Bookshelf and Enchantment Table has a very strong effect on the results obtained. For the layout, you can see it in this picture.
  • Step 2. If you use the layout above your enchantment results will be a maximum price of 30 levels. Oh yeah, the layout was drawn with a green cross. That means if the bookshelf is attached to the cross, it won't add a level, it can even reduce the enchantment level.
  • Step 3. How to Enchant a tool at a low-level price? Even though you use the layout above, you can still Enchant at a price of level 1-3. So, you only need to install a torch on the Bookshelf around the Enchanting Table. Just install a torch in the bookshelf arrangement, then you also need to install a torch in all of the bookshelves so that the Enchantment Table doesn't give a big level price. You can also put soil or sand around the Enchantment Table, the point is that in the room all the Bookshelf is tightly closed.

So that's the comparison if you use the bookshelf or not. In essence, the more Bookshelf used, the higher the level price required with a maximum value of 30 levels.

Well, those are simple guides of how to enchant in Minecraft. Enchanting in Minecraft is not mandatory. But Enchantment is very useful to maximize the capabilities of the tools you have. And to do Enchanting in Minecraft, at least you already have 4 diamonds.

How to Enchant with Commands in Minecraft

How to Enchant with Commands in Minecraft
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On this page, Tripboba will explain the method of how to enchant in Minecraft using various methods. Enchanting is an updated feature in the Minecraft game which allows it to be used on various items or objects in the game, such as books, armor, tools, weapons, to increase the ability of the item in question, either increasing the ability of an existing item or adding it with additional abilities so that the item concerned becomes more useful.

  • Method of Enchanting

There are three different ways to Enchant items in the mode survival game.

  • Through the Enchanted Table, requires experience points and lapis lazuli. usually, items that have never been enchanted using this method.
  • Anvil: using the Enchanted book as an intermediary medium.
  • Anvil: by combining two objects, each of which has a different enchanting effect to obtain one final item or object that has two enchanting effects different at once.

There is a possibility that the player will get an item that already has an enchantment effect, whether it's from a mob villager who wants to exchange enchanted objects to get emeralds, from activities fishing, it is possible to get an object that has an enchantment effect, by killing zombies, drowned, husk, skeleton, stray, wither skeleton, or zombie pigman.

Or by finding them randomly, in chests, underwater ruins, dungeons, shipwrecks, mineshaft, desert pyramids, woodland mansions, and ocean ruin.

Using commands or passwords to get enchanted items when playing a single-player is also possible. When using the command, the maximum enchantment level is 2,147,483,647.

While in creative game mode, players can enchant items using the Anvil method and also the enchanted book. In creative game mode, experience points are not required for the enchanting process. The enchanted book is also available on the inventory menu.

  • Enchantment Table

Enchantment can be applied to an item using the media Enchantment table, by placing an object or item in the input slot that has been provided and requires one to three lapis lazuli in the second slot. Once both items have been placed in place, three random options will appear to the right of the menu interface.

  • Step 1. In the Pocket Edition version, players can tap on an enchantment before inserting lapis lazuli into the slot provided.
  • Step 2. The available enchantment options depend on the minimum player level or at least the enchanted level must be at the player level or below the player level, while the required number of lapis lazuli corresponds to the level of the enchanted level.
  • Step 3. Each option selected will have a random enchanted effect on objects depending on the player's number of experience points. for example level 1 enchanted can give a level one "efficiency increase" effect on pickaxe objects.
  • Step 4. At this level, there is almost no effect between pickaxe objects before being enchanted and those that have been enchanted.
  • Step 5. Although players had to meet the minimum level requirement before enchanting, the number of lapis lazuli required by the player's level would be the same.
  • Step 6. For example, if the enchantment level of the third level required the player to reach level 30 at least, then the required number of lapis lazuli was three.

How to Enchant Items in Minecraft

How to Enchant Items in Minecraft
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Besides the 6 simple steps mentioned on the previous page, some preparations should be done before really do the enchantment thing. You can read the further explanation below about the level required on how to enchant in Minecraft. 

  • Required Level Affects the Quantity

Type and level of the enchantment implanted in the object. the higher the enchantment level, the better the results will be obtained. However, there are random factors that influence the overall enchantment outcome.

Although level 30 enchantment (maximum level) will not guarantee the enchantment result will be maximum or no more than the enchantment result of the first level.

Level 30 enchantment could have a "Fortune II" or "Efficiency III" effect. To increase the enchantment yield level, the bookshelf must be located near the enchantment table and leave a block between these two different items. To obtain a level 30 enchantment, it takes 15 bookshelves to be placed around the enchantment table.

Enchanting a book item will result in a new item called an enchanted book, which does not have its benefits, but effectively facilitates the subsequent enchantment process for other items using the Anvil method.

Different from the anvil, using an enchanting table when in creative game mode still requires experience points. If the player does not have enough experience points, the experience level will drop to zero, and enchantment will still work.

Enchanting any item at each enchantment level will change the enchantment menu available, thus changing the probability of each enchantment for any item.

For example, if there are no enchantments available when you want to do the desired enchantment, one layer of lazuli and one level can be spent refreshing the list of enchanted options available.

The enchantment possibilities available depend on the enchantment seed system available at that time, the enchantment level, from level one to level 30, as well as the type of item and material concerned.

Changing or removing the enchantment table, and without changing the number of bookshelves, using another enchantment table but still with the same number of bookshelves, and various other attempts to change the possible enchantments available, without changing the number of bookshelves, will not change anything.

How to Use Enchant Books in Minecraft

How to Use Enchant Books in Minecraft
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The other methods of enchantment in Minecraft are Anvil and Enchanted Books. You can read the following explanation below.

  • Anvil

Anvil can be used to combine enchantments in two different items, by sacrificing one item and repairing the other. the two items must be compatible with one another.

Must be made of the same material, suppose two iron swords, or an item with an enchanted book that already has an enchantment effect. For example, a bow item (bow) with an enchanted book with an infinite enchanting effect.

  • Enchanted Books

It can be made using enchanting tables, can also be found in generated chess (treasure chests), purchased with emeralds from a librarian villager, or obtained by fishing (fishing rod).

The enchanted book can receive more than one enchanted effect as long as the enchanted effect is compatible and can be applied to existing items or objects.

For example, the same book may receive the “respiration” effect, as well as the “power enchantment” effect. but if this enchanted effect is applied to a helmet item, this effect will disappear or become useless. the same case applies to bow items.

The enchanted book will be used in the Anvil method to add effects to items, including other book items. The enchanted book can also enchanted objects or items that cannot go through the enchanted table, such as applying the thorn effect to item boots.

Well, those are the simple guides of how to enchant in Minecraft that you can try on your game. The enchantment is needed to explore the items in the game and to get more items. Good luck!


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