Pike Push Up: How to Do It at Home without Going to the Gym!

Jul 03, 2020 06:00 AM

Pike push up - Photo by sworkit.com

Tripboba.com - This exercise is perfect for building the strength endurance and stability required to perform a handstand push-up later on. In conventional exercise, a vertical pressing pattern involves pressing some sort of resistance overhead.

The pike push up technique is one of many ways in shaping the chest area. Working on a board chest can be a tricky business. Well, it's because not all people who go to the fitness center or gym can successfully form a broad chest.

In fact, there are many easy ways you can do to form a broad chest without having to go to the gym. And the one Tripboba will recommend on this post is pike push up. We guarantee you will get a thick chest field that is totally girls' favorite!

Now scroll down to find out more about pike push up and how to do it!

What is a Pike Push Up?

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In bodyweight training, we perform vertical pressing patterns by getting in an inverted position and pushing our body weight vertically away from the ground.

As in a handstand push-up, the pike push up is the perfect exercise for conditioning the muscles involved in the vertical pressing pattern without taking your full body weight.

How to Do a Pike Push Up at Home

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The pike push up is quite easy and simple, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Start by placing a towel on the ground and place the hands on either side with the shoulder-width distance.

2. Drop the head between the arms and flatten the lower back.

3. The body should be in a perfect frame position with straight knees.

4. Begin by bending both elbows and slowly bringing the top of your head to the towel.

5. You should be looking through your legs in the end position not down at the ground.

6. Be sure to keep the head between the arms as you push back up, this is key to developing your vertical pressing pattern.

7. Practicing the pike push-up as well as wall assisted handstands will make your road to the handstand push-up much easier.

Another trick to get a broad chest with a pike push-up motion is to do this wide-grip push-up routine regularly in your home. A movement that targets exercise on the entire chest muscle can be done by positioning the body just like regular push-ups.

Then slide your palm to the side until it is wider than the shoulder. This position makes the load centered on the chest and shoulders, so it is very effective in making the chest wider.

Pike Push Up Progression Movement

The next pike push-up that you can try is this clap push-up. This movement is said not only able to make the chest broader, you know, but it can also help thicken your arm muscles. In doing this movement, start with the push-up position as usual.

Then when the body is in a push position, do it up with strong pressure to the floor, so that your hands are free from the floor and do a hand clap and then land in their original position.

Be careful when you do this push-up clap. When you are not careful, then it could sprain your hand when landing after doing a hand clap.

Not just making a broad chest, if you do these pike push-up movements routinely, the side stomach muscles will be neatly formed too. These techniques can be done everywhere, you just need to position the body like you do push-ups.

After that, bend one leg to the side so that the knee is parallel to the buttocks. Perform this movement regularly, with reps of 30 for beginners and 100 for you who are already pro.

If you want to form a chest area without the need to go to the gym, then do this pike push-up routine. The movement that also targets the formation of abdominal muscles can be done easily.

Start with the usual push-up movements, then when in a push position bend your knees to the chest. Try not to bend your body position when doing this so that the benefits can be felt. 

Lastly is the additional pike push up single leg raised push-up movement. This movement can help you form your chest and muscles in your upper body properly without the need for you to exercise at the gym.

How to do this movement really easy. You just need to position your body like you normal push-ups. After that, lift one leg and do push-ups with one leg still in a raised condition.


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