What Colors Make Brown: Different Methods to Make Brown Color!

What Colors Make Brown - Photo by mikegi from Pixabay

Aug 14, 2020 09:00 AM

Many people think brown is a boring color. This color is usually placed on the lower ranks on most surveys about people's favorite colors.

But, do you know that the color of brown is considered to show the simplicity and natural things? People also relate this color to many things like packages, gardening, nature, and animals. Although brown is said to be a boring color, it is still beautiful and meaningful for some people.

Are you planning to paint a brown color on something but the color is not available in the store? Well, worry no more! You can mix colors that can create brown color when mixed. So, what colors make brown?

It is possible to mix approximately many earthy shades using only the primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Besides, you can also use secondary colors like orange or green.

So, you can just by these colors to make brown paint. When you already succeed to create brown color, you may want to tweak the hue of brown by using any one primary color.

Wondering how to do it? Keep reading this article because Tripboba will share a complete explanation about what colors make brown. Check it out!

What Colors Make Brown Paint

What Colors Make Brown - Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

To know what colors make brown, follow this step-by-step guide below!

1. Add similar amount of paints

Primary colors like yellow, red, and blue when mixed can make a brown color. You can add your blue, red, and yellow paints together on your palette.

There is no exact amount of paints, it depends on how much the brown paint you intend to create. But, you should remember that you need to start with a similar proportion for each painting.

Creating brown color from primary colors is simple by combining an equal amount of each. You need to make a little space between each color to create an open area to pull the paints together.

2. Blend The Colors

Use a palette knife to blend all three primary colors thoroughly. Start by dragging the tip of the knife pulls the colors from the inner edges to the center. Then glide the bottom part of paints in a circular motion until it blended.

You will see the creamy and rich brown color start to appear. Compared to use brush, the palette knife is useful to produce more uniform colors. If you work with watercolors or oil sticks, you should layer the primary color to get the desired shade.

3. Add White Color

To make your brown color even more depth and rich, you can add a hint of white color to your palette. Blend all of the colors thoroughly. So, that answers what colors make brown!

You can always add more white paint if you need to, but overdoing it will cause the brown color unsaturated. The ratio for white color is 1/3 or less of your total amount of paint.

What Colors Make Brown When Mixed

What Colors Make Brown - Photo by Eukalyptus from Pixabay

1. Use red and yellow with a ratio of 1:1 to make an orange color. To make the brown color, you can use a hint of red than yellow. It is better for you to decide what shade of brown you want to create, whether red-brown, yellow-brown, or others.

2. Use blue and orange to create a brown color. Use less of blue color than orange, You can have more than 35-40% of the total amount of color on your palette. If you want to make more of powdery brown, you can add a more blue color to it.

3. Combine red and blue colors to make purple. Creating a purple color is a bit tricky. Use the equal amount of red and blue to get the perfect purple color.

If you have trouble with the proportion, the magenta or red-dominant shade will appear. After you get your purple, then add yellow to create an overly cool brown. 

4. Mix red with green to get brown color. The first step is you should mingle blue and yellow colors to create green. You only need a little yellow than the blue color.

To create the best brown color, the green should be closer to a deep cyan than a light aquamarine. Once you get perfect green color, add a small amount of red to result in an earthy olive-brown color. You need 35-40% of red from the total amount of color on your palette.

Tweaking Your Brown Color

What Colors Make Brown - Photo by Aida KHubaeva from Pixabay

1. What colors make brown, but the lighter one? You can use primary colors to make your brown color lighten. If you want to make a warmer tone, you can add red or yellow paints. But when your brown color end too red or yellow, just stir some blue color to balance it again.

2. You may also use black to darken brown color that you have. Remember, because black is not a primary color, you just need to add a tiny bit of it. Do not get too heavy when mixing black with your existing colors.

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