Check Out These 5 Best Instagramable Alleys in the World

Check Out These 5 Best Instagramable Alleys in the World
Pixabay - Photo by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

For you travel photographers, natural landscapes like the mountains, woods, or beaches shouldn’t be the only objects for your camera. Consider walking around the alleys among the buildings and be captivated by the charms! Indeed, alleys have a hidden beauty that only a few people know. Check out this list of Instagramable alleys, it's all worthy for your Instagram feeds!

Flask Walk, Hampstead

Been There Done That - Photo by Barry Samuels from Been There Done That

Go to Hampstead High Street and get lost at its most beautiful alley, Flask Walk. Embrace the uniqueness and take a bunch of photos of beautiful Victorian shopfronts in this alley.

There are some small and picturesque shops around this alley. It is JM Pennifeather’s pen shop, Keith Fawkes’ secondhand bookshop, Judy Green’s upmarket garden shop, Joule contemporary jewelers, and an ice cream parlor. There is also Flask pub, the street’s unreconstructed Victorian bar.

Most of the buildings on this street offer a classics design. You will feel as if you’re going back to the Victorian era. You’ll definitely enjoy your visit here!

Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

film Edinburgh - Photo by film Edinburgh from film Edinburgh

Cockburn Street is home to Victorian architecture and design in Edinburgh’s Old Town. The street is named after a Scottish lawyer, judge, and literary figure, Lord Cockburn. In the past, Cockburn encouraged the citizens not to damage or change the heritage and the environment. This resulted in the classic ambiance of the building that attracts tourists.

As it is suggested, there are a lot of old Victorian buildings on this street still preserved up to this day. The street is spread from Waverley Station into Edinburgh's Old Town. The classy view of the street will add to your aesthetic Instagram feed!

Blue City, Jodhpur

OYO - Photo by Garusha Katoch from OYO

Jodhpur is the second-largest city in Rajasthan, a state in India. This city is known as the Blue city due to its blue-washed houses, streets, and buildings. The blue color is said to be associated with the Brahmins. Apparently, the houses painted in blue are the houses in the old city near the Mehrangarh Fort.

The Blue City doesn’t only offer unique houses but is also home to forts, temples, and palaces, as well as amazing winding streets and alleys. Feel the peaceful atmosphere of the city and take as many pictures as you can around the city. It will be such an amazing opportunity to be able to take a walk around the area of the city. 

Mykonos, Greece

Living Nomads - Photo by Living Nomads

Mykonos is known for its vibrant nightlife and global tourism. This city is also known as Chora and “The Island of the Winds”. The town is full of whitewashed houses and shops, with red, blue and yellow curtains and doors that add to the beauty of the city. Enjoy the spectacular view while enjoying your time eating at the local restaurants. You can also do a tour at the museums or art galleries, and stroll along the beach and feel the mild breezes.

Molyvos, Greece - Photo by pauldimoudis from

Molyvos, now called as Mithymna, is located on the northwest tip of the eastern Aegean island. The town has narrow yet busy streets which will lead you to many shops, cafés, restaurants, galleries, and other establishments. The main street of Molyvos is made of cobbled stone and beautifully covered by wisteria that seems to be blooming all year round. The street is filled with trees and plants that protect you from a hot sunny day. It's also makes one Instagramable spot that is worth your visit!


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