100 Newlywed Game Questions to Bring All the Fun During the Special Day

100 Newlywed Game Questions to Bring All the Fun During the Special Day
Newlywed Game Questions - Photo by Alvaro CvG from Unsplash

Tripboba.com - You probably have heard about this newlywed game. It’s actually a very popular game to spice up any wedding-related event. This game is most often played at bridal showers, but you can play it at a couple's engagement party, at a bachelorette party, or even at a wedding reception.

To play the newlywed game, you have to have one person from each pair leave the room. Ask the remaining couples a series of newlywed game questions from this list and write down their answers. After the questions have been recorded, invite the other pair back into the room.

Ask the same questions and see if they can guess their partner's answer. And then, switch roles and repeat with a series of newlywed game questions by Tripboba here.

This is absolutely one of the most fun games to play during the wedding day of your friends, your family, and even your own wedding. Without further ado, let’s just head to the next page to see the best newlywed game questions!

Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions - Photo by Carlo Buttinoni from Unsplash

Just as fun as it sounds, newlywed game is a total party game where everyone can have the most fun and fill the day with laughter and love. Tripboba first list of newlywed game questions can be seen through the following list:

  • "Who would your spouse say is the “better catch?”"
  • "Your spouse has the day off and an empty house. How does your spouse spend the day?"
  • "Who’s handier?"
  • "Your spouse takes your hand and pulls you to the dance floor. They say that the DJ is playing your song. What song is it?"
  • "What is the weirdest birthday gift your spouse has ever given you?"
  • "What is one thing that your spouse has that you’d love to get rid of?"
  • "What is your spouse’s guilty pleasure?"
  • "What was your worst date?"
  • "When did you realize that your spouse was “the one”?"
  • "Where did your first kiss happen?"
  • "Who spends more time in the shower?"
  • "Your spouse asks you to get fast food for dinner. Where do you stop?"
  • "Your spouse asks you to grab them a treat from the store on your way home. What do you buy?"
  • "What’s your spouse’s worst habit?"
  • "Between the two of you, who will your spouse say is the bigger pack rat?"
  • "What is your lover’s biggest shopping addiction?"
  • "What’s your spouse’s worst habit?"
  • "What’s the name of your spouse’s ex?"
  • "What did the husband wear on the first date?"
  • "How many dates did it take before you kissed?"

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions - Photo by анна хазова from Pexels

What a happy day this is! Seeing someone you love and care about to have a special wedding day like this is nothing but happiness. It’s even great with all the fun and excitement that you all can enjoy during this wedding day.

When you play this newlywed game, you can ask funny questions, too. And Tripboba is here to help you with that. Let’s find out newlywed game questions below:

  • "How did they set up your first date?"
  • "What did your partner wear on your first date?"
  • "Which of you said “I love you” first?"
  • "How many dates did you go on before making things official?"
  • "What interests do you have in common?"
  • "What attracted you to your partner in the first place?"
  • "Who is the more romantic one?"
  • "Which of you is the better cook?"
  • "What are their spiritual views?"
  • "How did they feel on the first date?"
  • "What is their favorite ice cream flavor?"
  • "Are they a dog or a cat person?"
  • "Who takes better selfies?"
  • "Why did he/she decide to date you?"
  • "Where did you first meet or go for a date?"
  • "What do you disagree on most?"
  • "Who cracks the funniest jokes?"
  • "Who is the slowest to get ready?"
  • "Who spends the most time on social media?"
  • "When did you move in together?"

Newlywed Game Questions for Friends

Newlywed Game Questions - Photo by Soner Görkem from Pexels

Here are more newlywed game questions for friends:

  • "Where did you two first meet?"
  • "What was the first impression you had when you first met your spouse?"
  • "When and where did you both first kiss?"
  • "How and when did you two end up on a date?"
  • "What was the worst date that you had to go with your spouse?"
  • "What would be the ideal date for both of you?"
  • "What was the last date that both of you went together?"
  • "What is the best food that your spouse cooked? Why?"
  • "What will your spouse say that he/she loves the most?"
  • "Which one of you is most likely to fall asleep first in bed?"
  • "With a single word, how you describe your spouse’s family?"
  • "What is the thing you expect your spouse to absolutely support?"
  • "What is the one thing that you’re sure that your spouse will never support?"
  • "Who is the most unusual person you’ve met at this wedding?"
  • "What would you say frightens your spouse the most?"
  • "What is one single thing about your spouse that you can’t help but feel irritated?"
  • "What is the one word you’d use to depict your spouse’s artistic disposition?"
  • "What is the most hilarious and most unusual thing you’ve seen your spouse complaining about?"
  • "What is the strangest thing you’ve seen your spouse buying for you?"
  • "What is the one piece of clothing you’d want to wear for yourself that belongs to your spouse?"

Not So Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions - Photo by Allef Vinicius from Unsplash

Sometimes, during the game, you also want ask questions that doesn’t necessarily have relation to the wedding day, but rather to know their opinion on things. For not so newlywed game questions, Tripboba has gathered them for you down below:

  • "What would you say about your spouse’s sense of responsibility?"
  • "Who is most likely to act out in public?"
  • "How would you describe your day so far?"
  • "Who is most likely to get in a fight?"
  • "What is something that your spouse is completely clueless about?"
  • "Who is most likely to find something funny which most might consider being serious and grave?"
  • "What is the most absurd and embarrassing thing you’ve done with your spouse?"
  • "Who is most likely to throw a tantrum if plans don’t work out?"
  • "Who is the one that makes the other wait?"
  • "Who is most likely to be found in a shady bar in the dead of night?"
  • "What high school did your spouse go to?"
  • "Who is most likely to make the other listen to their arranged mixtape on a long journey?"
  • "What are your partner’s favorite TV shows to stream?"
  • "Who is most likely to get up and see if there is a knock on the door at 3 a.m. in the night?"
  • "What is your spouse’s favorite junk food?"
  • "Who is most likely to forget the other one’s birthday or the anniversary of their marriage?"
  • "What is your favorite movie?"
  • "Who is most likely to pass out when both of you are drinking?"
  • "What would be your partner's dream job, other than the one they are doing now?"
  • "Who is most likely to give up a great chance in their career for their spouse’s sake?"

The Newlywed Game Questions for Friends

Newlywed Game Questions - Photo by Victoria Priessnitz from Unsplash

Here is more list of newlywed game questions for friends to consider to ask during the game:

  • "Who is your spouse’s celebrity crush?"
  • "What is your mate’s biggest fear?"
  • "Who is likely to eat the other in case both of you are stranded on a deserted island?"
  • "What is your spouse’s ideal vacation?"
  • "What is your spouse's most-repeated sentence or phrase?"
  • "What is your spouse’s favorite time of day for making love?"
  • "What did your spouse get you for your first Christmas together?"
  • "What was the first trip you two took together?"
  • "How would you describe your spouse on your first date?"
  • "What is your first memory of your spouse?"
  • "What’s a story your spouse tells to every new group of friends?"
  • "What is your spouse’s favorite holiday?"
  • "If they could pick up and go anywhere in the world right now, where would they go?"
  • "What is your spouse’s favorite type of cuisine?"
  • "What is your spouse’s favorite color?"
  • "What was your spouse wearing the first time you met them?"
  • "What was the first thing your spouse said after the proposal?"
  • "On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the very first meal your mate ever cooked for you?"
  • "What was the first car your spouse ever owned?"
  • "What was the first movie that you both watched together in a theater?"


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