5 Best Hotels to Spend Valentine’s Night in the Old Capital of Japan, Kyoto

5 Best Hotels to Spend Valentine’s Night in the Old Capital of Japan, Kyoto
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Tripboba.com - Japan's dwindling population often blamed on youths that prioritize careers than love. Seeing this trend, the government sets up to be the cupid for the sake of population. Love hotels, spas, tourist destinations, and many others are designed with couple in mind. Here’s why Kyoto is special. This magnificent city has countless shrines, temples and other destinations that exude love. Truly a perfect place for you who seeks love adventure in the old capital city of Japan.

Take Kamogawa Delta for example. This ancient river that flows throughout Kyoto is famous for romantic spots dotted around at the delta. Locals often spend time here to unwind from the daily hustle. Sit at the bench while enjoying the best sunset in your life here. Take your beloved arms, you will have the best evening in your life while strolling Kamogawa Delta.

When it Kyoto, a shrine visit is a must. The recommended one is Shogunzuka Seiryuden. Located at a high ground you can have a bird’s eye view of whole Kyoto in here. Opened in 2014, this shrine is a must for a couple seeking a great getaway place away from the city’s bustle.

After all that walks and flirting on the street, you need to unwind in one of Kyoto’s famous hotels. Don’t forget the hot springs! Drinking sake while submerged in mineral water sure washes all your worries away.

Where should you stay? Here is our 5 recommendation for best hotel for a couple in Kyoto.

Old Kyoto Machiya.
Photo: oldkyoto.com
Machiya is restored traditional Kyoto’s townhouse. They offers authentic Japanese experience with a touch of love. Modern amenities are the norm here despite the traditional Japanese design. Wondering where you should stay? Gion House offers mesmerizing experience while basking at Japanese culture.

Hyatt Regency Kyoto.
Photo: hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/japan/hyatt-regency-kyoto

Treating your loved one to first-class experience in Japan? Hyatt Regency Kyoto got your back. They offer a five-star hotel service with a wonderous view of southern Higashiyama. Great breakfast from western, Japanese, or oriental theme can be a focal point in staying at Hyatt Regency Kyoto.

Classic ryokan – Seikoro.
Photo: ryokan.asia
Ryokan is a japanese word for luxury accommodation that offers bathhouse. Ryokan is not a transit place, it is the destination. Taking a trip to ryokan means relaxing and enjoying the wonderful dinner that they have. Seikoro has long been a big name in Kyoto for the best ryokan in the area.

Photo: Google Maps/Tony S.
Wondering how the Japanese enjoying a luxury lifestyle? Experience it by yourself a Tawaraya ryokan. A private garden lovely curated by the best gardener in the city will welcome you as soon you arrived at the front door. Beware, you need to cough up to USD 1.000 for a night here. Don’t worry it will be money well spent with great service and dinner in Tawaraya.

Amber House Gion.

This accommodation is a two-storyy machiya hidden away in residential district. Just walking to this hotel brings the authentic Japanese local’s life. Enjoy a day of relaxation with your beloved away from car’s traffic and honking horn. Here, all you hear are cricket’s cry in fall and cicada in summer.


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