5 Hidden Gems in Tropical Island Hawaii, The Perfect Destination for a Romantic Getaway

5 Hidden Gems in Tropical Island Hawaii, The Perfect Destination for a Romantic Getaway
Photo: gohawaii.com

Tripboba.com - Aloha! A perfect phrase to start your adventure with beloved in Hawaii. For Valentine, Hawaii offers hidden gems dotted around the archipelago. There are six main islands available for tourists to explore. Gorgeous landscape, one of a kind culture, and great locals will surely welcome you warmly in here.

The Polynesian tradition here has long fused with western cultures such as the USA, Japan, South Korea, and many more. It is a blend of western civilization with the hospitality of the east.

Food and drink here are limitless. Hawaii is famous for its pineapple and macadamia nuts. Hawaii is responsible for a third of globally commercial pineapples around the world. Don’t forget to taste the local’s coffee. They have the best blend that you will ever taste.

Before booking a plane ticket to this magical archipelago, you need to know hidden gems available in here. Packs your sunscreen and boots, here are 5 hidden gems for a romantic getaway in Hawaii.

Hulopoe Beach, Lanai.

Situated on lanai’s south coast, this place is a haven for those who dream about a romantic getaway on an island. Here, you can enjoy protected coast with picnic area, white sparkling sands, and volcanic tide pools. A little secret, you can find exotic sea creatures that you won’t find anywhere in the pools.

Maunaloa, Molokai.

This is a small plantation town that surely brings the village’s atmosphere to the surface. Here, you can relax and enjoy a variety of nature’s gifts. Two famous beaches, Papohaku Beach and Kapukahehu Beach can be a real treat to your dream vacation. Ready for adventure? Visit Maunaloa!

Kalalau Trail, Kauai.

A long walk is an effective way to deepen relationship. Along the way, you can know better your beloved character. Here, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view on the whole island. Getting here is tricky. You need to apply for a permit and prepare your body for the long journey ahead. If you’re interested, there is a 35 km round trip journey that you can explore in Kalalau Trail.

Keahiakawelo, Lanai.

Surprised to find a dessert in the middle of an island? Here in Keahiakawelo, you can find vast desert as far as the eye can see. You will feel like heading to nowhere when you arrive in this place. You will surely understand why it is called ‘Garden of the Gods’ once you set foot to these hidden gems. Not many know or dare to make the trip to Keahiakawelo, Lanai

Waimea Bay, Oahu.

This place is the legendary spot for surfers around the world. Located on Oahu’s northern shore, this place rocks! You can enjoy a wave up to 9 meters here. Go here in summer to experience Waimea bay to the fullest. Don’t forget to take a scenic hike across the road at Waimea valley to see thousands of varieties of plants and unique archeological sites.


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