5 Most Romantic Destinations in Patagonia, Experience the Movie-like Views

5 Most Romantic Destinations in Patagonia, Experience the Movie-like Views
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Patagonia is a high populated region located in South America in between Argentina and Chile. The Pacific Ocean on the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east surround the area of Patagonia. The region has relatively low population despite its wide area where it's only less than two million people live there. What is interesting about this region lies on the history of its native tribes called Patagons. People believe that the natives of Patagonia were taller than Europeans in the past. 

Other than the unique historical background, Patagonia is known as the paradise for hikers. Tourists who enjoy challenging adventure will find plenty of hiking sites in Patagonia. There are also national parks with beautiful and movie-like scenery perfect for honeymoon or lovebirds looking for romantic gateway. If you want to experience the summer vibes of Patagonia, you should do a visit between December to March.

Although local people of Patagonia speak Spanish, you don’t need to worry regarding the language barrier because they can also speak English. Tour agencies in Patagonia provide perfect guiding services that will allow travelers to have a satisfying experience. Travelers will be guided by skilled trip leader during the trip. All of your need including meals is provided by the tour agencies depend on the package offered. A comfortable van travel and skilled driver are also ready to assist your trip.

To short the time, here are five most recommended tourist attractions in Patagonia suitable for your romantic gateway.

El Chalten And Mt Fitz Roy

Patagonia offers plenty of hiking sites for travelers who love challenging adventure. Hiking sites in Patagonia will spoil the hikers with its beautiful views and refreshing air. One of the most recommended hiking destinations in Patagonia is El Chalten And Mt Fitz Roy. This hiking site is surrounded by untouched mountains and calm lake. The cold weather will feel warm when you go there with your loved one.

Puerto Madryn

For travelers who don’t like a tiring activity, Puerto Madryn is another option to spend the day. It’s the place where cute whales swimming in a breathtaking ocean view. Other than whales, you can also see Sea Lions, Orcas, Seals and many more. This place is the right spot for wildlife lovers. What is more interesting about this spot is the warm temperature. You could just enjoy the scenery and go home with joyful feeling.

Torres Del Paine National Park

For those who are interested in doing a simple walking, there are six well-known national parks that offer relaxing atmosphere of Patagonia. One of them is Torres Del Paine National Park. Wonderful mountains and clear lakes surround this park. There also Serrano River, the Grey Glacier, and the lagoons of Lago Pehoe that are perfect for sightseeing.

Alerces Tree

As a region surrounded by nature, Patagonia has a famous species called Alerces Tree that stands for about 2,600 years. Alerces Tree is one of the oldest living trees in the world located near Esquel, a city in Argentina. You can take a selfie or we-fie with your travel buddy in front of this legendary tree.

Punta Tombo

Patagonia will never be a boring place to spend your vacation. This region allows travelers to learn about Penguin’s live. You will witness the cute behavior of penguins in their natural habitat in Punta Tombo. There are also seabirds and seagull flying around the sky to welcome you and your sweetheart.


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