5 Romantic Getaways with Enchanting Beauty in French Polynesia, Get Your Dreamy Honeymoon

5 Romantic Getaways with Enchanting Beauty in French Polynesia, Get Your Dreamy Honeymoon
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If you’re planning to have a remarkable honeymoon, French Polynesia will be the best option. Located in the middle between California and Australia, French Polynesia offers plenty of romantic gateways to spend your time with your sweetheart. Despite its relatively isolated location, this island provides luxury resorts with satisfying service.

Some people think French Polynesia is too far to reach where actually this island is a lot more accessible. Going for a trip with your loved one in this island will surely be unforgettable memory. Unfortunately, French Polynesia is less exposed to the world despite its enchanting beauty. No wonder only a few people know there is this heaven on earth.

In fact, dreamy vibes of French Polynesian is perfect for your honeymoon plan. From fairy-tale like beaches to lovely wildlife views, here are five most recommended romantic escapes for you.

Bora Bora

This island has a unique name that will remain in your mind for a long time. Bora Bora is a Tahitian name which means “First Born”. You can reach Bora Bora only in 50 minutes flight from the island of Tahiti. Situated in northwest of Tahiti, Bora Bora is a paradise for newly married couples or lovebirds who are looking for a romantic gateway. You will be spoiled by the beautiful shades of blue lagoon in Bora Bora. If you love challenging activity, you can also experience scuba diving there. Tour agencies in Bora Bora also provide special honeymoon package for a remarkable stay in the island.


Lovey-dovey couples will love this place for sure. Tikehau is an islet or small island located 340 km north of Tahiti. This islet is popular for its lagoon Tikehau offers you pink and white sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing under the sun with your loved one. Just like Bora Bora, you can also visit the dive site in Tikehau at Tuheiva pass. Hurry arrange your plan to spend your best honeymoon with the professional tour agencies in Tikehau.


Other than Tikehau, Rangiroa is another highly recommended destination to have a wonderful vacation. Rangiroa is part of French Polynesia, precisely in Tuamotu archipelago. Few people know this beautiful place is the second largest island in the world. Rangiroa with its clear water will allow you to experience remarkable scuba diving and snorkeling.


If you are a wildlife lover, Rimatara might be the perfect place to visit with your travel buddy. This place is a preserved sanctuary where beautiful flora and fauna live harmonically. Even though Rimatara is tend to be isolated from other destinations in French Polynesia, Rimatara has rich species of flora and fauna that will melt your heart.

Austral Islands

Austral Islands have some striking spots that will make you amazed. Once you touch down the island, place such as Rarutu, Raivavae, and Tubui will welcome you with a warm heart. Like a heaven on earth, tourists are entitled to whale watching or kite boarding and many more attractions that Austral Islands has to offer.


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