Romantic Getaway in The Land Of Rising Sun, Here are 5 Best Spots for Couple in Osaka

Romantic Getaway in The Land Of Rising Sun, Here are 5 Best Spots for Couple in Osaka
SHARE - Behind tall skyscrapers to the busy street, Osaka is truly the metropolitan city of Japan. Yet, behind those modern marvels, love in the air is still alive and kicking. Cupid probably hiding in plain sight searching for couples. 

Why? There is an abundance of romantic places in Osaka. Planning a surprise to your beloved? You got plenty of choices here. Taking your date to a culinary delight? Yes, please. Osaka offers legendary street food such as takoyaki, ramen, sushi, and many more. Fine dining also available in select restaurants. Better yet, you can pick a restaurant decorated with three-star from Michelin Guide. You won’t find anything better than that. 

So book your plane ticket already and start planning your trip to Osaka, Japan. Don’t be lost, you can get around using the excellent local train services here. They even have the record for the most punctual train station in the world!  But first, where should you go to this vast city? 

So where should you go to have the best romantic night before Valentine? Here are our 5 recommendations.

Utsubo Park.

Utsobo Park is an oasis in Osaka. Here lies the most beautiful garden that blooms throughout the year barricaded with tall skyscrapers. Picture New York’s Central Park but better. Just jogging around fills you with love. It is recommended to take a morning or evening walk in here. Love is in the air, you will easily find couples everywhere in here.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Visiting one of the larger aquaria in the world can be a good starter to a lovely valentine's night. Here you can see marine life from the Pacific Ocean. What’s more, you can bear witness to a giant shark which is the main attraction here. You can also interact with sea life such as penguins, seals, and rays in their man-made natural habitat.

Universal Studios Japan

Nothing beats a trip to a theme park to celebrate valentine. Here you can have fun with your beloved all day. Like harry Porter or Transformer? Here you can be a part of that and experience what’s is it like to be in the movie world. For maximum love, you can have a matching outfit like a romantic couple should be. You won’t be disappointed visiting this theme park.

Dotonburi Districts

There is a reason why Osaka is called the capital city of street food. In this area alone, you will find snacks, food, drinks, from all around Japan. What’s more, restaurants or eatery here have a unique atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere. A night’s walk in here will surely fill your belly and heart. Try out different things with your beloved to deepen your relationship.

Spa World.

Nothing beats a good relaxation after a day of long walks. Here in Spa World, you can enjoy various water attraction including hot springs. Need some adrenaline rush? Take part in a fun water ride and an arcade area with your loved one. When valentine comes, this place packed with couples from local to foreign tourists. 


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