Allegheny Mountains: Essential Information You Need to Know

Allegheny Mountains: Essential Information You Need to Know
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SHARE - Experienced travelers and hikers may have already known that the Allegheny Mountain and Allegheny Mountains are different. But if you don't know, don't worry! We can explain it to you now!

Allegheny Mountain is a part of the Allegheny Mountains located in Pennsylvania. Allegheny Mountains itself is comprised of mountains ranging from north-central Pennsylvania through western Maryland, and eastern West Virginia to southwestern Virginia.
Allegheny Mountains is also a part of the vast Appalachian Mountain Range that is situated in the eastern United States to Canada. When the traveling technology was not as advanced as now, Allegheny Mountains played a role as a traveling barrier between countries and states.

Well, that's all about the difference between the Allegheny Mountain and Allegheny Mountains. So, are you planning on an Alleghany Mountains tour? Or you’re just curious about this mountain range? Read our easy explanation below!

Allegheny Mountains Map

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Allegheny Mountains runs about 400 miles or 640 kilometers from northeast to southwest. Meanwhile, it's about 100 miles or 160 kilometers from west to east.

Even though it’s not official, the mountains is bordered by the Allegheny Front to the east, Susquehanna River valley to the north, New River valley to the south, and Allegheny Plateau to the west. Fun fact, the plateau is also often considered as a part of the mountains.

Allegheny Mountains, or the Alleghenies some people would call, has the highest point of 3212 feet or 979 meters in Mount Davis, Pennsylvania. In West Virginia, the highest point is 4,863 feet or 1482 meters at Spruce Knob.

It is also the highest point of the whole mountain range. The second highest point of the mountain is Thorny Flat with 4848 feet or 1478 meters of its highest point.

Allegheny Mountains Tunnel

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We have mentioned before that the existence of the Allegheny Mountains posed a traveling obstacle. There are two tunnels in the Allegheny Mountains. The first one is Paw Paw Tunnel in West Virginia and the second one is Allegheny Mountain Tunnel which runs through Allegheny Mountain, services Interstate 70 and 76 in Pennsylvania.

But the purpose of building the Paw Paw Tunnel is for a canal. It's because a tunnel is considered as the cheapest and most reliable form of transportation. Lee Montgomery, the engineer of the tunnel predicted that the tunnel would be finished in just two years. He was wrong, the canal took more than a decade to finish and almost made him bankrupt.

Paw Paw Tunnel is made from six million bricks. Today, the tunnel is maintained by the National Park Service so it’s possible to observe the tunnel by foot or bicycle. Wearing headlamps is suggested when exploring the tunnel. It’s constructed through the Paw-Paw Ridge of the Allegheny Mountains.

The Allegheny Mountain tunnel itself is another engineering marvel that was built through Allegheny Mountains. It was built in 1939 and has a length of 6,070 feet or 1,850 meters. The length makes it the longest tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike that is still in use. Today, the tunnel is used by 11 million vehicles annually.

Allegheny Mountains Resorts

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It is quite easy to find resorts in Allegheny Mountains since it’s known for its beautiful views and snowy areas. Some of the mountains are Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia, Seven Springs in Pennsylvania, Wisp – McHenry in Maryland, and Timberline Four Seasons in West Virginia.

Each resort has its own uniqueness and a stunning view of the mountain. All of the resorts also have ski lifts. Snowshoe Mountain has many ski lifts and it's actually the most famous resort in the whole Allegheny Mountains.

The length of the skiable area also varies, with Snowshoe Mountain having the longest compared to the rest. If you have any plan to spend a few days in Allegheny Mountains, booking one of the resorts is a great idea!

Allegheny Mountains Camping and Cabins

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Do you want to camp instead of visiting the ski resort in Alleghany Mountains? Worry not. Alleghany National Forest has 19 campgrounds where you can place your tent and sleep under the starry night.

There are first come first serve campsites and reservable campsites as well. Located in northwestern Pennsylvania, this national forest has lakes, streams, scenic views, trails, and lots of camping grounds.

Few of the campgrounds are Twin Lake Campground, Hearts Content Recreation Area and Campground, Red Bridge Campground, and Beaver Meadows Recreation Area. There are many activities you can do while camping as well, such as biking, boating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, paddling, wind sports, climbing swimming, and wildlife watching.

You can book a cabin as well. There are many options of cabins such as Farnsworth Cabin, Red Bridge Recreation Area, and Willow bay Recreation Area. Staying in a cabin definitely will give you more comfort, but it’s up to you what kind of challenge in your journey you want to go through.


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