Appalachian Ski Mountain: 6 Basic Things Every Traveler Should Know

Apr 07, 2020 05:00 PM

Google Map - Photo by Peterson Hahn
SHARE - Do you have any plans to go skiing? Well, Appalachian Ski Mountain can be a perfect destination for you! Appalachian Ski Mountain is a ski area located in the eastern United States. It is one of the three ski mountains in the Watauga Country area of western North Carolina. Specifically, it is situated off of US 321 between Boone and Blowing Rock.

If you are interested in exploring and skiing in the Appalachian Ski Mountain, we have collected detailed information about it. We hope your adventure in the Appalachian Ski Mountain will be smooth and joyful! So, check this out!

1. Appalachian Ski Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding

Google Map - Photo by Brian Johnson

Appalachian Ski Mountain is a small resort equipped with 5 ski lifts comprising 3 chair lifts and 2 surface lifts. It has only 111 meters (365 feet) of vertical downward climb. It has 20 acres of terrain around 9 trails.

Appalachian Ski Mountain is the most suitable place for intermediate skiers as well as snowboarders. But, there are some fields for beginners and advanced skiers. If you want to do snowboarding, there is a terrain park for it. All of the Appalachian Ski Mountain trails are covered by snowmaking.

2. Appalachian Ski Mountain Ski Resort

Google Map - Photo by Cassandra Law

In the Appalachian Ski Mountain, every visitor can look forward to 2,913 kilometers of slopes: there are ski resorts that are served by 851 ski lifts! Choose one of the best Appalachian Ski Mountain ski resorts and have fun skiing in the Appalachian Ski Mountain!

There are so many ski resorts in the Appalachian Ski Mountain. One of the best resorts is the ski resort Stowe with 4.2 out of 5 stars. It is the largest ski resort that offers up to 119 kilometers of slopes. If you're looking for a reasonable price, the ski resort Whiteface – Lake Placid is the answer.

3. Appalachian Ski Mountain Webcam

Flickr - Photo by Bernard G

The view of the Appalachian Ski Mountain Slope Cam is just at the bottom of Lift B. Appalachian Ski is located in beautiful Blowing Rock, NC. It is one of the Ski Cams that offers stunning views of the current ski slope conditions, traffic of visitors at the resort, as well as various popular events that are held at this NC Ski Resort.

This camp provides HD and live streaming video of the resort. The camera will move between five different presets. It stays on each preset for 20 seconds. Sometimes, the camera is hindered by ice, snow, or even fog. But the staff always monitor it regularly. You just need to check back often.

4. Appalachian Ski Mountain Rentals

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In addition to the Appalachian Ski Mountain ski resort, you can rent a cabin too! The cabins are close to Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC. Many of these properties are 3 up to 5 minutes from the ski slopes.

One of the best Appalachian Ski Mountain cabin rentals you can choose is App Ski Mountain. You just need a short drive off Highway 321 between Blowing Rock and Boone. Definitely recommended rental!

5. Appalachian Ski Mountain Trail Map - Photo by

There are many ways to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Aside from how you decide to explore and enjoy the slopes, you should show your respect to others. Remember to be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing. These risks can be reduced by personal awareness and common sense.

6. Hotels Near Appalachian Ski Mountain - Photo by Meadowbrook Inn

If you are looking for an Appalachian Ski Mountain hotel, fortunately, there are lots of hotels that can comfort your stay. One of them is the Meadowbrook Inn.

It is a serene mountain resort that is located in downtown Blowing Rock, NC. You can enjoy the short walk to the downtown shops, restaurants, festivals and parades, shops, as well as boutiques.

Meanwhile, you can discover the comfortable stay with cozy accommodations in The Village Inns of Blowing Rock: The Ridgeway Inn. Every guest can enjoy the modern and thoughtful amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, as well as the garden swings. In this hotel, you can relax with the ultimate peacefulness. The location of the hotel is just within walking distance of Blowing Rock Park.


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