Balkan Mountains: What You Should Know About This Mountain Range

Apr 20, 2020 07:00 PM

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The Balkan Mountains are a famous travel destination for tourists. This mountain range presents a fantastic view with their expansive alpine meadows, rare flora and fauna, as well as glacial lakes. Tourism in the Balkan Mountains is supported by the existence of multiple resorts located within the mountain.

So, do you have any plans to spend your holiday at the Balkan Mountains? Here is the complete guide for you. Check the highlights out!

Where Are the Balkan Mountains?

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The Balkan Mountains are a mountain chain nestled in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The Balkans region of Southeastern and Eastern Europe draws its name from Balkan Mountains.

The Balkan range goes eastwards from the Serbian border with Bulgaria via central Bulgaria and ends at Cape Emine in the Black Sea. The highest point of the Balkan Mountains is the peak Botev. It is situated in central Bulgaria. The peak stands at 7,795 feet elevation above sea level.

Balkan Mountains Location

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The Balkan Mountains range split Bulgaria into two halves: northern and southern. If it is measured from the East to West, this mountain range is at least 348 miles long. The Balkan Mountains are categorized into three regions: eastern, central, and western.

The average height of the mountain range is 2,345 feet above the sea level. Together with the foothills, the Balkan Mountains settle an area of approximately 9,600 square miles. The Botev peak is the third highest point in Bulgaria, after the Rila and Pirin.

The Western Balkan rolls out at the Vrashka Chuka Pass at the Serbian Border. Meanwhile, the peak of Midzhur stands at 7,046 feet and is the highest point in this part of the Balkan Mountains. The 9th-century Vratitsa fortress’ remains have been preserved in this area. Besides, there are remains of other medieval structures that have been found at some points throughout the Balkan Mountains.

Things to Do Around Balkan Mountains

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Since the Balkan Mountains are so expansive and it occupies some regions, there are lots of fun things you can do here. Here are some fun things you can do at the Balkan Mountains or the nearby attractions.

1. Discover the Best Wine Bulgaria

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You can find the finest wine of Bulgaria since there is an exquisite winery in Starosel. Enjoy a degustation from locally produced wines as well as the national beverage of Bulgaria called rakia. You can take a tour of the wine cellar and winery complex.

Visit the Thracian tomb and you can see the oldest Thracian complex with a mausoleum found in Bulgaria (5th century BC). In the end, you can learn about techniques of winemaking used by the ancient Thracians.

2. Horse Riding in Tetevan Balkan in English

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One of the fun activities around Balkan Mountains for kids is horse riding in Tetevan Balkan. Explore nature on horseback head to a beautiful part of Bulgaria in the mountainous countryside of Tetevan. Head out towards the Golyam Izvor village and ride along the stunning forest paths.

Then, you can enjoy the fantastic panorama view of Tetevan Balkan. This family friendly activity will be an excellent soft adventure that will give you unforgettable experience.

3. Hiking at Balkan Mountains

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There are mega trails you can discover in the Balkan Mountains. There are various spots to go for hiking in the Balkan Mountains. One of them is through Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. Located in northwestern Montenegro, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a national park.

It comprises of deep valleys, towering mountain ranges, and fantastic mountain lakes. It is surrounded by canyons on 3 sides, including the Europre’s deepest ravine, The Tara River Canyon. It is a park that offers world-class hiking opportunities.

The landscapes of this part of the Balkans are truly spectacular. The variation of elevation and vegetation give plenty of hiking options, starting from easy walks up to difficult and challenging treks. Most trails in Durmitor National Park start at Crno Lake.

It is a 40-minute walk from the town of Zabljak, the main getaway of the park. Hiking activities usually include mountain valleys, meadows, and forests, as well as barren mountain slopes. Make sure you bring your hiking appliances along!


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