Beech Mountain Ski Resort: Here’s the Winter Travel Guide for You

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SHARE - Are you planning to have an amazing winter break somewhere in North Carolina? Then, Beech Mountain Ski Resort is the best option for you. Release the boredom accumulated from daily routines by enjoying the year end time to have some fun in Beech Mountain in North Carolina.

Beech Mountain itself is the highest town in the eastern USA, situated at an elevation of 5,506 feet. That’s why it becomes such a wonderland for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and sledding. If you miss your chance to spend the last summer to the fullest, then going on a vacation even on cold days here won’t be bad!

From winter sporting and taking ski lessons to lodging, dining, and shopping, the Beech Mountain Ski Resort has it all. So rest assured because your winter break will be totally fun!

Beech Mountain Ski Resort North Carolina

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Beech Mountain Ski Resort is a part of the Beech Mountain town located both in Avery and Watauga counties in North Carolina. The town is located atop Beech Mountain and it becomes the highest town east of the Rocky Mountains.

It’s no wonder why the Beech Mountain Ski Resort becomes the main driver of the town’s economy. It’s also quite popular because of the mild weather even in summer and the abundant snow which makes it a perfect place for winter sports.

This kid-friendly resort has operated since 1967, offering various kinds of activities, not only for winters but for all seasons. From skiing and tubing in the winter to fishing and biking in the summer. You’ll get tons of fun, equally. 

Rentals, accommodations, dining and shopping establishments are also available nearby, giving you easy access to explore and enjoy everything in the area. There are only a very few ski resorts operating in the Southeastern United States, and Beech Mountain Ski Resort becomes one of the most famous ones. So there’s no excuse for you to skip this ski haven.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort Weather

Beech Mountain has a humid continental climate. So, even if other regions experience the melting summer, you’ll find cooler days in the Beech Mountain area. The winter days may be a bit harsh and severe, but the mountain is granted with abundant snow which makes a perfect winter sports playground.

Because the weather may vary from day to day, it’s important to plan your holiday based on the weather and season to save your vacation. The coldest month of the area is around January, while the hottest ones are July and August.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort Snow Conditions

Before going out to ski or snowboard, basically doing anything outside, make sure that you check the snow conditions in Beech Mountain Ski Resort and the surrounding areas. Beech Mountain has an average of 42 inches of snow per year. It is quite high compared to the US average which is only 28 inches of snow per year.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort Map

Overall, Beech Mountain town has a total area of 6.7 sq mi (17.4 km²). Here’s a map to the ski resort and its surrounding areas which will ease you to access the site.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort Packages

Look for the best skiing and snowboarding deals in North Carolina just in Beech Mountain Ski Resort. For a stay, the resort offers you some special deals with two night’s lodging and one day on the slopes—it’s even better if you come in a large group.

If you’re a teacher or student whose school is closed due to the snow, then consider it as luck because you’ll be offered a deal of USD 10 lift tickets and USD 10 ski rentals.

There’s also a third night discount where you’ll be charged less on the third night of your stay. The deal is available during the extended weekend of a certain month in winter.

Some deals are also available for groups of 16, active-duty U.S. military personnel, and college students. Seniors of 70 years old and older, as well as children age four and under, can even ski without charge at Beech Mountain Resort. Lastly, there’s also a special deal during the March Madness event.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort Rentals

Enjoy the snow in full gears from the rentals offered in Beech Mountain Ski Resort. Ski rental equipment includes skis, boots, bindings, and poles. Meanwhile, snowboard rental includes snowboard, boots, and bindings. Helmet rentals are available for an additional USD 10.

You can choose some types of rentals like Day or Twilight, Half-Day, Night, and Beech Pass. The prices vary depends on the types of rentals, the age of the skiers, and the duration. You can rent the equipment online.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort Lodging

From inn and lodge to condos and homes, Beech Mountain Ski Resort provides you with the best accommodations for your holiday. Snowtree Villas and Cedar Village are condo rentals located just 2 minutes away from the ski resort.

These two condo rentals provide kitchens, dining, and living rooms as well as fireplaces. Beech Aplen Inn and 4 Seasons at Beech is another option for stay, just 2 minutes away from the resort. The latter has 24 rooms available all year round equipped with a nice restaurant and bar.


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