Crotched Mountain, New Hampshire: All the Things You Need To Know

Crotched Mountain, New Hampshire: All the Things You Need To Know
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SHARE - Imagine yourself going down on a snow slope at a high speed. It must be thrilling, right? Yes, doing snow sport is one of everyone's wishlist in the cold winter season. The cold weather cannot stop us to have so much fun! 

This time, we will be going to Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire, United States. We guarantee you have a fun day out in the snow with plenty of fun things. 

Are you ready to go up high with us? Let's go! We have summarized all the essential things you need to know before going to the Crotched Mountain.

1. About Crotched Mountain

Crotched Mountain - Photo by @crotched_mountain from instagram

Crotched Mountain is a small and beautiful mountain located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, U.S. The mountain is 2.063-foot high and the summit is situated in the Francestown. The western slopes are situated in Bennington and the long southern ridge is in Greenfield.

Crotched Mountain is part of the Appalachian Mountains. The mountain covers 100 acres of land and it consists of tree glades, some challenging steeps, and groomed terrain. If you are looking for a less crowded place to ski, then Crotched Mountain is a good place for you. 

This Mountain is perfect for you who are beginner skiers. The amenities and services in Crotched Mountain are pretty complete. Crotched Mountain is equipped with 5 lifts with a capacity of 9086 passengers per hour. There are 4 parks available in the Crotched Mountain for the guests. 

They are Little Dipper Park for beginners, NCC-1701 for beginner to intermediate riders, CM Park for advanced riders, and Zero-G for snow features. Safety is the top priority, so you have to follow the rules applied in Crotched Mountain.

2. Crotched Mountain Weather 

Crotched Mountain Weather - Photo by @crotched_mountain from Instagram

To have a wonderful and fun snow activity, you should always check the weather updates regularly. The weather becomes an important aspect if you want to have an outdoor activity in the winter. 

The weather in a mountain is typically changing based on the months. It applies also in the Crotched Mountain. The highest temperature is 24 Celcius and the lowest recorded is around -13 °C in January. If you want to visit Crotched Mountain, prepare your warm clothes, bring enough food and drinks, and also don't forget your snow sports equipment. 

3. Crotched Mountain Trail Map

Make sure to study the Trail Map of Croched Mountain carefully before you explore the mountain. Please make sure that you will have a safe and fun trip by memorizing or bringing the trail map everywhere you go. Here is the Crotched Mountain Trail Maps to guide you better.

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4. Crotched Mountain Resort

Crotched Mountain Resort - Photo by @crotched_mountain from Instagram

A day won't be enough to explore every corner of Crotched Mountain and the nearby attractions. As a ski resort in the United States, Crotched Mountain provides good stay experiences for the visitors. 

If you are planning to have a few nights away in the mountains, we recommend you to stay at the Crotched Mountain Resort. The resort is located in 740 2nd Turnpike N, Francestown, New Hampshire. Covering 675 acres of land, this 3-star hotel will guarantee you have a comfortable stay. 

Crotched Mountain Resort is fully equipped by resort's level amenities such as Wi-Fi, Restaurant and Bar, Game Room, Picnic & Barbecue Area, as well as on-site hiking trails, a community hot tub and children's playground. 

It is just minutes away from the Crotched Mountain Golf Club. If you like playing golf, staying in this resort might be the best choice ever. If you enjoy other sports like volleyball, Crotched Mountain Resort also provides a volleyball court.

5. Crotched Mountain School

Crotched Mountain School - Photo from

Are you falling in love with snow ski and want to learn how to tackle more of it? You can join the Crotched Mountain Ski School programs to learn basic skills to advanced skills of the ski. There are several programs available for the guests. 

There are Private Lessons, Radical Kids Lessons, Women's Clinic, Adult Group Lessons, Peak Discovery Program, Seasonal Programs, and USSA Race programs that you can choose based on your need. 

The prices differ depends on what lesson you choose. It ranges from USD 99 to the highest rate of USD 129. If you already master the skill after some ski classes, you should join the ski competition hold in Crotched Mountain. 

Its called as Adult Race League and is a friendly competition. The races are held per week, on Wednesday and Thursday, for eight weeks duration. If you are a competitive type of person, joining the race is a must. We hope you the grandest win!


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