Parrot Mountain: 7 Important Things to Know Before Visiting

Parrot Mountain: 7 Important Things to Know Before Visiting
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SHARE - Are you a birder or a birdwatcher? Hold on! We have some good news for you if you are a birder. Parrot Mountain is a must-visit place if you love to watch birds.

In this site, you will be given a chance to see hundreds of beautiful birds close-up. Not only that, but your eyes will also be pleased with all the wonderful landscapes completed with thousands of gorgeous plants and flowers.

Want to know more about Parrot Mountain? Check out this list that Tripboba has compiled specially for you!

1.  About Parrot Mountain Pigeon Forge

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Parrot Mountain is situated in Tennessee, United States. This site features scenic garden pathways, bird cottages, wonderful waterfalls, and religious statues. The peacocks, butterflies, and dragonflies can also be found here.

The bird garden is the spotlight of Parrot Mountain. This wildlife area offers an enclosed area with more than 70 birds on open roost! This section of Parrot Mountain is a great place if you are looking for the perfect photo opportunity.

Both children and adults will definitely love this place because it allows you to have a chance to get closer to the beautiful and colorful birds. Whether you want to take pictures with the birds or just walk around the garden, both will be fun. Plus, you can feed the birds directly here!

2.    Parrot Mountain and Gardens

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Don’t forget to notice many of the natural trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants that are also located throughout the park. Plenty of flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees are planted by Parrot Mountain’s professional agricultural staff to create an excellent rainforest environment with striking colors!

This place is open to all ages and also accessible to people with disabilities. Most of the guests usually spend 2-4 hours here. You can capture the beauty of its gardens and birds since both cameras and video cameras are permitted to bring. You can also find restaurants and gift shops on site.

3.    Parrot Mountain Coupon

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Are you looking for ways to save your vacation? Don’t forget to take advantage of Parrot Mountain coupons! You can browse the coupon on the internet. Then, you will be directly given the link to download a Parrot Mountain coupon. 

Witness the beauty of waterfall and garden accompanied by the sights and sounds of tropical birds from around the globe. Parrot Mountain has become a favorite site for locals and tourists. So, what are you waiting for?

4.    Parrot Mountain Direction from Pigeon Forge

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Here we will give you information about the direction to the Parrot Mountain from Pigeon Forge. You need to drive to Gatlinburg from downtown Pigeon Forge. Then, turn left at Dollywood Lane and continue to drive for about 2 miles. 

Turn right on McCarter Hollow Road and go ahead for about 1,5 miles. As a note, at 1,1 miles you need to turn left to stay on the McCarter Hollow Road. Lastly, just follow the signs to Parrot Mountain and Gardens and you will arrive on the site.

5.    Parrot Mountain for Kids

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Kids will love the special petting zoo, where they can pet baby birds and watch them being hand-fed. You can even take a Parrot Mountain bird home with you if there are any available. 

Find the perfect souvenir in the unique home and garden gift shop. Don't forget to take pictures with a big, beautiful Macaw perched on your shoulder! You'll fall in love with this tropical, exotic environment, and its inhabitants!

6.    Things to Do in Parrot Mountain

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Besides the scenic scenery of Parrot Mountain, you can also enjoy various things to do in this place. You can enjoy lunch from the deli while sitting on the deck and listening to the sounds of the birds. 

Or else, you can visit the quaint Gift Shop with garden and related bird items. As another option, you can just walk through the Secret Garden where you can meet Toucans, Hornbills, Magpies and many more. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the waterfall.

7.    Parrot Mountain Operating Hours

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Parrot Mountain has different operating hours each month. From March, April, May, June, it is open from 10 AM until 6 PM. In July, this site is open from 10 AM until 7 PM. It is also different in August, September, October since this place is open from 10 AM until 6 PM.

In November, the operating hour is from 10 AM until 5 PM. Quick Tip: Since the entrance to Parrot Mountain is close to Dollywood, try to come there when the traffic in Dollywood is not crowded. Or you can also go straight in Jayell Road to McCarter Hollow Road to take a back way in.


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