Snake Mountain, Vermont: A Guide to Get Unforgettable Vacation

Apr 20, 2020 12:00 PM

Flickr - Photo by Jon Ferry
SHARE - Have you decided on where to go for the next vacation? What about going to Vermont? As the second-largest state in New England, Vermont is a popular destination for skiing and hiking. One of the most beautiful destinations worth visiting is Snake Mountain. It is a 1,287 feet mountain that is also called Grand View Mountain.

Snake Mountain is a secluded mountain located in Addison and Weybridge, Vermont. It consists of the state of Vermont Snake Mountain Wildlife Management Area and The Willmarth Woods Sanctuary of The Nature Conservancy on 1,215 acres.

Snake Mountain is perfect for your vacation since it offers many fun activities. Are you curious about Snake Mountain? We have collected detailed information about it for you. Read this guide in advance before you pack your things. Here we go!

1. Snake Mountain Location

Flickr - Photo by Jenn Megyesi

Snake Mountain is located in Addison, Vermont 05491. [Where is the starting point?] It takes an hour and 38-minute drive (74,1 miles) through I-89 N and US-7 S. Meanwhile, it takes about 1 hour and 40-minute (64,3 miles) drive through VT-100 S.

The best way to get to Snake Mountain is from Rich Mountain Gap Road. It can be accessed from Hwy. 421 or from Meat Camp, right before the climb towards Pottertown Gap.

You can drive north on Hwy. 421, then take the last right before arriving at Tennessee onto Rich Mountain Gap Rd. The road will change to gravel after about one mile. Drive approximately 10-15 minutes until you reach the gap of 3.2 miles later. Since the land is all owned privately, you should park wisely.

2. Snake Mountain Hike

Flickr - Photo by Roger Murray

Snake Mountain has a 4.9 mile heavily trafficked loop trail nestled close to Middlebury, Vermont. It offers beautiful wildflowers that create stunning views for the hikers. The trail provides a number of activity choices. The best time to hike in this mountain trail is from June until October. You can bring your dogs along this trail, but remember to keep it on a leash.

3. Snake Mountain Trail

Flickr - Photo by highest_vision

The most commonly traveled route to the top of the mountain is starting on the West Trail. It is a very steady and straight slope to the Summit Trail. It will bring you to the peak. Since Snake Mountain stands as the highest point in Addison County, it will give you a fantastic view of the surrounding farmlands, the Adirondacks, as well as Lake Champlain.

You can hike a steady slope all the way up the West Trail to the Summit Trailhead to the Snake Mountain’s summit. The West Trail begins perpendicular to Mountain Road in Addison, Vermont. Then, it takes a 90 degrees bend head to the summit. At the end of the West Trails, the trail flattens out a bit before reaching the Summit Trail. Then, it will become steeper and winds back as well as forth up the ridge.

4. Snow Snake Mountain Tubing

Flickr - Photo by Tim (and Julie) Wilson

Snow tubing at Snake Mountain is a great family activity to do! You can try the thrill of riding down a snowy run, then, riding a lift back up effortlessly. Tubes and a surface lift are available for you to ride up the hill. You don’t need special experience or equipment. You can just hop in a tube and start the ride!

Remember that all tubers should sign the tubing waiver. For tubers under 18, one of their parents or guardians has to sign a waiver. If you want to drop off kids or bring a group of kids, you should prepare with all forms and signatures that are needed.

5. Snake Mountain Red Tape

Flickr - Photo by vter_citydata

Snake Mountain is all privately owned, but, the meadow area around Rich Mtn is a gameland. It is managed by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission. So, you will never have a parking problem while you want to hike on this mountain. But, you need to be attentive to every change of accessibility.

6. Snake Mountain Camping

Pixabay - Photo by Stock Snap

There are no designated campsites at Snake Mountain. But, there is room for small tents on the summit. You can always sleep in the abandoned shed that is hidden below the summit. Remember to be respectful of private land. If you are overnighting in the winter, you can create a snow cave.


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